-  Abducciones - de 'Encuentro en Las Pleyades'


 -  Abducción Extraterrestre, Posesión Demoníaca, y La Leyenda del Vampiro


 -  Abduction and The Reptilians



 -  Abductions - Life in The Vivarium



 -  Alien Abductions - from 'Blue Planet Project - Alien Technical Research 25'


 -  An Alien Abduction Account


 -  CoEVOLUTION - An Interplanetary Adventure



 -  Cosmic Watergate Collapsing - The Elephant is Stampeding in the Living Room


 -  Deep Space Memories - An Interview With Barbara Bartholic


 -  Demonization of Extraterrestrials


 -  Dr. Karla Turner and The Masquerade of "Angels"


 -  Ethical Implications of The UFO Abduction Phenomenon


 -  ET Slave Trade - An Alien-Abductee Slave Trade?


 -  Eve Francis Lorgen



 -  Genetic Agenda - A Double-Cross?



 -  Implants, Abductions and Other Stuff



 -  Is Jimmy Carter a UFO/ET Abductee? - On The Road To Roswell & Burlington 2008: A Discussion With Jon Kelly


 -  John E. Mack - Alien Abductions Research - Main File


 -  Kidnapped by UFOs? - Interview With John Mack


 -  Kundalini Tales - An Interview With Richard Sauder


 -  On a UFO, Grey ETs Merged my Son’s Soul Into His Body in My Womb - New Zeland UFO Expert


 -  Palyne Janku Gaenir


 -  Pamela Hamilton


 -  Posesión y Depredación - Alienígenas, Predadores, Clones y Reptiles - El Enigma de Los Parásitos Extraterrestres


 -  Possession and Predation - Aliens, Flyers, Clones, and Reptilians - The Enigma of Extraterrestrial Parasites


 -  Resistencia a las Abducciones Alienígenas


 - "Strange Evidence" - International UFO Reporter (IUR) 1999



 -  The Abduction and Manipulation of Humans Using Advanced Technology


 -  The Abduction Phenomenon and Its Implications for Disclosure - A British Perspective


 -  The Andreasson Affair


 -  The Controllers - A New Hypothesis of Alien Abductions


 -  The Conversion of Whitley


 -  The Fifth Briefing - What They Want - from Book Two of "The Allies of Humanity"


 -  The High Strangeness of Dimensions, Densities, and The Process of Alien Abduction


 -  The Late Karla Turner Speaks of Reptilian Atrocities



 -  The Meaning Behind Alien Abductions


 -  The Other Side of Truth - Abductions and Abductees


 -  The Outer Limits of The Soul - UFO Abductees


 -  The Threat - The Secret Agenda - What the Aliens Really Want... And How They Plan to Get It


 -  The UFO Abduction Phenomenon - What Does it Mean for The Transformation of Human Consciousness?


 -  The Zeta Reticuli Incident - Betty and Barney Hill


 -  Up to 1 Billion Humans Are Abducted by Hyperdimensional ETs, and Humans Are in Cognitive Dissonance


 -  Why The Abduction Phenomenon Cannot Be Explained Psychiatrically


 -  Winifred Barton And The Holy Cosmic Cube From Outer Space


 -  Zeta Reticuli Interaction With Earth - Main File



Additional Information


 -  A Close Encounter With Critics


 -  Alien Abduction - An UFO Experience


 -  Aliens Among Us


 -  Alien Influences on Humanity


 -  Aliens, Egos and Souls - Who Are We in The Big Picture?


 -  Alien Thinking


 -  Ancient Hawaiian Healing and UFO Alien Abductions


 -  An Interview With John E. Mack


 -  Are Aliens Already Here? - Harvard's Controversial John Mack Thinks He May Have The Answer


 -  Are Extraterrestrial Biological Entities Among Us?


 -  Are We Grays?



 -  Awareness Grows About Extraterrestrials, Consciousness, Emerging Mysteries


 -  Biomechanical Messiahs - The Nigel Kerner Interview


 -  Brain Zapping


 -  Dan Sherman - Way Above Black - A Video Interview With Dan Sherman


 -  Discerning Alien Disinformation


 -  Discriminando Desinformación Alienígena


 -  El Arte de La Guerra Hiperdimensional


 -¿El Fin de La Industria de La Carne? - ¿La Mutilación de Animales Explicada?


 -  El Mordisco de Amor - Dramas de Relaciones Humanas Orquestadas por Alienígena


 -  Extraterrestrial False Flag Operation - Main File



 -  Extraterrestrials in The News, and Maybe in America



 -  Fairies and UFOs?


 -  Fake “Alien Abductions” Conducted by Shadow Government Para-Military Operatives (MILABS)


 -¿Hadas y OVNIs?


 -  How to Contend With Aliens During Direct Interactions - from 'Alien Mind-A Primer - The Verdants'


 -  Human-Looking ETs Secretly in U.S.?



 -  In 2 Worlds - Waking Up to Another Layer of Reality


 -  Influencias Extraterrestres Sobre La Humanidad


 -  Italy’s Disclosure of Human Looking Aliens


 -  Los Tuatha de Danann ...¿Antiguos Alienígenas?


 -  Manipulación Astral de Los Sueños - Los Reptilianos


 -  Methods of Deception - A List of Common Pitfalls Encountered by Truthseekers


 -  Métodos de Engaño - Una Lista de Trampas Comunes Encontradas por Los Buscadores de la Verdad


 -  On "Alien Writing" - An Interview with Mario Pazzaglini


 -  Overlooked Aspects of The Alien Presence



 -  Passport to The Cosmos - An Interview With John Mack


 -  Psychophysiological Responding During Script-Driven Imagery in People Reporting Abduction by Space Aliens


 -  Scientists Assess DNA Hair Sample From Human Being Apparently Not From Earth


 - ¿Somos Grises?


 -  The Abduction Narrative of Charles Robert Jenkins


 -  The Art of Hyper Dimensional War


 -  The Contact Has Begun - Phillip Krapf and The Verdants


 -  The Divine and The Manipulative Extraterrestrials - Effects on Humanity's Religions, Beliefs and Others made by... - Main File


 -  The Greys, Rigel and Procyon - A Tentative Taxonomy of Extra-Terrestrial Humanoids


 -  The High Strangeness of Dimensions, Densities, and The Process of Alien Abduction - Book Review


 -  The Love Bite - Alien Orchestrated Human Bonding Dramas



 -  The Mars Records - Main File


 -  The World's First DNA PCR Investigation of Biological Evidence From an Alien Abduction


 -  Transcending The Hall of Mirrors - The Simultaneity of Discourse, the Third Space and Adopting Multiple Ways of Viewing the...


 -  Tuatha De Danann - Ancient Aliens?


 -  UFOs, Aliens, and The Question of Contact - A Report


 -  UFOs - The Psychic Dimension


 -  Virgin Pregnancies and Alien DNA Problems


 -  Wisdom of The Higher Extraterrestrials



Corrado Malanga


 -  Alien Cicatrix I - da Corrado Malanga


 -  Alien Cicatrix II - da Corrado Malanga


 -  Alien Cicatrix I - por Corrado Malanga


 -  Alien Cicatrix II - por Corrado Malanga



 -  A "Virtual Reality" - The Holographic Universe


 -  Global Alien Interference - Dr. Corrado Malanga’s Research


 -  Lux - L'Essere di Luce


 -  The Mark of Abduction


 -  The Transcript of Dr Malanga’s Lecture - Updates on Alien Interferences


 -  Alien Abduction - Corrado Malanga


 -  Interferencias Alienigenas - Corrado Malanga


 -  Prenderne Coscienza - Rapimenti Alieni - Corrado Malanga



Books and Treatises


 -  Barbara - The Story of a UFO Investigator - by Barbara Bartholic


 -  CE-VI - Close Encounters of The Possession Kind - Interference From The Extraterrestrials Among Us - by William J. Baldwin


 -  Divine Encounters - A Guide to Visions, Angels and Other Emissaries - by Zecharia Sitchin

 -  I Forgot What I Wasn't Supposed to Remember - An Expanded View of the Alien Abduction Phenomenon - by Katharina Wilson

 -  Into The Fringe - A True Story of Alien Abduction- by Karla Turner


 -  La Amenaza - Revelando La Agenda Secreta de Los Alienígenas - por David Jacobs

 -  Masquerade of Angels - by Karla Turner


 -  Story of A UFO Investigator - by Barbara Bartholic


 -  Taken - Inside the Alien-Human Agenda - by Karla Turner


 -  The Mission of The One Star - Transforming Planet Earth to Planet Star - by Alloya. N. Huckfield

 -  The Otherness - A Personal Interaction - by Tim Watts



 -  The Threat - Revealing The Secret Alien Agenda - by David M. Jacobs


 -  Visitors From Within - Extraterrestrial Encounters and Species Evolution - by Lyssa Royal and Keith Priest




 -  Alien Abductions and Hybrids - Dr. David M. Jacobs


 -  Experiencers - John E. Mack


 -  Military E/T Abductions - with Barbara Lamb


 -  OVNIs, Extraterrestres, y La Posibilidad de Contacto


 -  Prenderne Coscienza - Rapimenti Alieni - Corrado Malanga


 -  Touched


 -  Transcending The Dualistic Mind - Transpersonal Psychology - John E. Mack


 -  UFOs, Aliens, and The Question of Contact



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