Guess what’s coming to dinner?

In the last few years, there has been increased abduction activity by the Grays all over the world. They have recently abducted people in heavily populated areas in Korea and New York State. Additionally, there seem to be alien military type craft showing up. There was a UFO encounter in April 1998 that is cause for alarm. An arrowhead shaped alien spacecraft,
900 feet in length, violated English air space. The Royal Air Force picked it up on radar and scrambled two fighters to intercept it. The pilots made visual contact, reporting the craft to be “as big as a battleship.”


As the RAF fighters approached the craft, it accelerated to 17, 000 M.P.H. and headed toward Holland. The Dutch Air Force spotted it on radar and scrambled two F-16 fighters to intercept. The spacecraft accelerated away from them at 24,000 M.P.H. and headed back into space. This military engagement was reported on the BBC-TV news (which is government owned media) by government spokesmen. The purpose of the UFO mission was apparently reconnaissance.


The aliens are pinpointing military bases and radar installations so they can be neutralized when the time comes. I’ll bet they are scanning for particle beam weapon installations now also, which pose a bigger threat to them than aircraft of missiles. The aliens know we have that type weapon as we fired one at a spacecraft of theirs in 1991 over the Indian Ocean. That action was caught on the STS-48 Space Shuttle videotape.


That craft got away, so you can be sure they reported the attack to their military. That’s why we are now getting probed by the Reptoid military forces. We need to be ready militarily when they arrive in force. All of these occurrences are connected. They are not isolated incidents. Because someone was trigger-happy and missed, we will now face very advanced military forces in the very near future. This is something to be very concerned about.

Another disturbing sign of trouble from above began occurring around September 1999. Mutilated cattle began turning up with all meat stripped from the bones. Skeletal remains of cattle were found across the US and Canada. The bones showed signs that the meat had been stripped away by the use of sharp knives and scissors-type instruments. This differs from the previous method of mutilation that was done using a laser type instrument.


Since previous mutilation was limited to the removal of soft tissue and sex organs, this change in butchering method and cuts of meat, indicates to me that Reptoids have arrived on the scene. I believe an advance party of Reptoids has arrived to spearhead a military operation against our forces, and they are eating beef! If we can get the Reptoids to eat beef exclusively, it would take humanity off their menu.

Another sign that something may be about to happen is that the US government seems to be trying to develop a stopgap weapons system, I believe because they are not completely ready with sufficient advanced defensive aircraft and spacecraft. The US Air Force has mounted a very powerful Laser on a Boeing 747 and has been testing it. It is called ABL for Airborne Laser. They claim it will be used against incoming missile warheads.


I have another suggestion for its use, just in case the military “didn’t think about it.” It can be used as an anti-spacecraft weapon against hostile UFOs. It may be a good idea to mount particle beam weapons the same way. Satellite mounting would be good too (in case they hadn’t thought of that either). With enough satellite units, a UFO could be bracketed by particle beams, so no matter which way they jumped, they would be hit.

I hope that US and foreign military leaders realize the aliens are doing pre-strike reconnaissance to inventory Earth’s defense forces and military resources. A military force needs to protect its assets. When the aliens get a military response to their incursions, it gives them a military site to be targeted.


Targeting and neutralization of our defense forces may come soon. With an increase in abduction and implanting, the increased testing of our defenses, the recent appearance of large arrowhead and triangular shaped craft, and the arrival of different alien cattle mutilators, the evidence is mounting that we are nearer to a Harvest.

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The con from outer space. Grays spread disinformation to soothe the sheep

When Ghengis Khan invaded other countries, he would first send in advance men to panic the residents into fleeing for their lives. The advance men would pretend to be refugees, fleeing ahead of the bloodthirsty Mongol hordes. We are about to be fooled by alien advance men. They have already arrived and are trying to convince us to drop our defenses. Leaders and influential people in all fields have been targeted for abduction and indoctrination.


The aliens told an abductee named Phillip H. Krapf, that they were ending the abduction program and starting a program of contact with many thousands of influential people worldwide. The people selected are to be appointed as ambassadors. Less influential people will be made envoys. All these people are to prepare everyone else for “peaceful contact.” The Grays think they are slick.


The problem is that what they are telling those people now, contradicts what other Grays have said in the past. That’s called LYING. Phillip Krapf revealed this alien brainwashing project when he appeared on the Art Bell radio show on 5-10-98. Phillip is a retired LA Times editor. Mr. Krapf was “recruited” by Grays during an abduction on a huge UFO. He stated he was brought into a large central examination room on their ship.


The room was about 600 feet by 400 feet and 20 feet high. The room had hundreds of examination tables, all of which were occupied by human subjects being examined by Gray aliens. The Gray assigned to Phillip introduced himself by his alien name and told Phillip to just call him Gus. Phillip noticed that the alien wore a nametag that said “Gus” on it. How cute. The “public relations” aliens are here. Why name tags now? Phillip asked if he was to be given a physical. Gus said, “That’s not for you.” (Gus communicated telepathically).


He said Phillip was one of many thousands of influential people the Grays intended to abduct, who were to go through a P.O.E.I. program to train them to get the public ready for full open contact. Gus said there were 32,000 aliens on board the craft who run the P.O.E.I. program. That stands for preparation, orientation, education and indoctrination. Phillip was taken to a large boardroom where he was indoctrinated. Gus said they are representatives assigned to us by an Intergalactic Federation of Sovereign Planets to assess our species to see if we are worthy enough to join them.


Gus said only peaceful species are allowed in space. “Space is a house of peace. Warlike species are prevented from going into space.” Gus said we needed the OK of the federation before we are allowed to go into space. They said we are worthy and would be admitted in the next 10 to 12 years with some reservations. Gus said at first we were to be rejected for being too warlike, but on further study they found we were the only species to show diversity where we had many truly peaceful people, and Mother Theresa types in our population.


That supposedly impressed them to change their minds. They figured that 20% of our population is bad and needs to be corrected by us before admission to the federation. I think this means that warlike people, like all of the world’s military people, need to be disarmed or eliminated. Yeah. Get rid of the military. Sounds like a good plan. Not a good plan for us though.

At this point I will list the questionable statements Gus made to Mr. Krapf about their plans, their beliefs, and the guidelines they operate under, and I will show that each one is a LIE!

Statement: Their Federation allows no weapons in space.

Reality: There have been several cases on Earth where alien craft shot down airplanes that got too close. Example: A credible source reported that two Russian Mig fighter jets were blown apart by an alien craft they were chasing. The event was filmed by a camera on a third Mig and shared with the Pentagon. Gray alien invaders in 1981 used a weapon of some type to melt down the warheads on two Minuteman missiles and the M-16 rifles of two MPs. To do those things requires weapons. The Grays are violating the no-weapons law themselves.

Statement: The Federation members are not allowed to interfere in the affairs of other species.
Reality: This is the biggest lie of all time. Literally. Here are some of the ways they have interfered with our species:

Gray aliens previously told abductees that they have been manipulating man since man began. They have stated they do as they wish with us because they own us. Yeah, that really sounds like a hands-off noninterference program to me. How about their major abduction and breeding program?


A program consisting of the kidnapping of men, women, and children in the middle of the night. They are all subjected to very invasive physical examinations. Various tissue samples are removed from their bodies. Sperm is taken from the men and used to impregnate the women. Alien DNA is spliced into the genetic material at some point in the procedure. The impregnated women are re-abducted two months later and an abortion is performed on them to remove the fetus. The fetus is then grown in solution on the ship. Some women are put through this ordeal six times. Just what is the alien’s definition of noninterference? The Grays have staged raids into both US and Russian nuclear military bases.


They have melted down warheads. The Grays tampered with a Russian missile, scrambling its guidance system. The Grays initiated the missile’s launch sequence. The missile crew was barely able to get it under control before it fired. With no guidance it could have gone anywhere.


The Grays are technologically advanced and knew exactly what they were doing. It wasn’t an accident. There have been too many times in the past when the aliens would fly a dozen or more saucers through Russia, into NATO airspace, in an obvious attempt to start a nuclear exchange.


Why would they try to get two superpowers to destroy each other’s military capabilities? So we would be defenseless. They have been running recon missions against the air forces of the world for many years. They are not playing tag. They are playing with our heads. Literally. They have implanted electronic devices into the heads of abductees so that they can track their movements and control them from a great distance.


Maybe they think they are exempt from the noninterference rule on a technicality as they have spliced so much of their DNA onto ours that now we are them, but in a slightly different physical configuration.

Statement: They said they believe in God, and that humans have a soul.
Reality: When Whitley Strieber was abducted by the Grays he called out, “God save me.” The Grays told him, “Why do you call your God? There’s nobody up here but us.” Maybe the aliens have some atheists too.

Statement: ‘We are vegetarians and kill no animals or sentient beings.”
Reality: Apparently thousands of cows are committing suicide by self-mutilation. What are the aliens doing when they are seen levitating cattle into their saucers?


Maybe they have a different definition for vegetarian too. The aliens expect us to eliminate the warlike humans. Aren’t they asking for the death of sentient beings? I guess it’s acceptable if someone else does it. Since they are lying about all these things, it should be a no-brainer to figure out that we have not been approved for federation membership. US military intelligence has recorded that we have been visited by at least twenty different types of aliens in the last 30 years.


That was probably the selection committee. With so much mayhem and war occurring during that time period, it would be a miracle if we were selected. The Gray aliens in control of Earth have started a lot of conflicts between different human factions, making us look bad to the selection committee. There have been too many tragedies that look like their handy work:

  • the civil war in Liberia

  • the genocide in Rwanda (the UN pulled out troops and allowed the carnage)

  • Bosnia

  • the Iraq-Iran war

  • the Gulf War

  • Tiananmen Square

  • Yugoslavia

  • the North Korean famine

  • terrorism

  • and a drug epidemic aided and abetted by a few governments, causing widespread crime

President Reagan repeated the alien Federation message to straighten out the Earth or get wiped out. That’s why the Russians changed for the better and became our friends. South Africa changed. China was starting to change. Now the 12 top government officials are engineers. Reagan foresaw the probability that other major world governments would never change after he warned them of the alien’s plans, and as a result all of humanity would be classified as warlike. Do you think he initiated the Star Wars weapons program to counter the primitive military capabilities of the Russians or the Red Chinese? It was to give us a “fighting” chance to survive any Gray and Reptoid plan of elimination.


The fact we have operational particle beam weapons is the legacy of Ronald Reagan. Like Reagan, I know we won’t see the open arrival of a delegation of different species to welcome us to the Federation. The Grays have been left to do as they please with us. We are a rejected species. We may have even been selected for replacement. Hybrid children bred in the abduction program are probably living in the many Moon bases the aliens built. If the aliens eliminated us, the hybrids could move in. The aliens can’t be trusted. There were a few abduction cases over the years in which the abductees were picked up by UFOs run by “friendly” Grays. They were opposed to the plans of the other Grays.


The friendly Grays warned the abductees that the majority population of Grays are up to no good, they are dangerous, not to be trusted, and the “good Grays” and all other alien races were afraid of them. The Grays have made sure we were rejected to insure the Reptoids “food supply” would not be classified as sentient. That’s why the Grays are trying to eliminate humans with telepathic ability from the gene pool. It has to be one of the requirements necessary to be considered sentient by the Federation of Sovereign Worlds.


If you’re advanced enough to communicate telepathically, you are no longer an animal. What else do you think happened to the millions of people we know disappeared off the face of the Earth in the last 10,000 years? They were eaten by vegetarians? Maybe the Grays and Reptoids come from a planet named Veggie, making them Vegetarians. Otherwise, WHERE ARE ALL OUR MISSING PEOPLE?

In the interest of fairness to the Grays, I will present here information from Phil Krapf’s book. The details of what they have to offer sounds like pie in the sky. Did the Federation Council appoint them as our contact group now instead of the alien delegation that CSETI is contacting? Maybe we should disarm like this group wants. No. I don’t think so. Not until we know for sure if we have any council protection from the Reptoids. Phil Krapf claims a large number of people were abducted and put through the alien’s program to be ambassadors. To date, Phil is the only one who has come forward and told this story. It is my belief that Phil is being used by the Grays to spread disinformation.

The following is the write-up of Phil Krapf’s book by Dr. Richard Boylan. I include it here so that you can get familiar with Phil and Richard’s point of view. Phil I believe has been brainwashed by the alien master manipulators. I tell you, this situation is enough to confuse Whitley Strieber. Now if only the different alien groups could agree on just how many races are on the council. The figures don’t seem to match up.


Maybe it was messed up in the translation. It is a big discrepancy though, ninety versus twenty seven thousand members? Maybe the “Verdantshad to guess at the council membership figures because they don’t really belong to it. They also stated that they have been watching over us for 1,000 years.


Since pictures of them and their craft have been found in cave paintings that have been dated as being 80,000 years old, I wonder if they were talking about 1,000 of their years. Also there have been some very nasty wars on Earth during “their watch.” Since they did nothing to stop them, they must just want to watch. Sometimes they do help though. Like when they helped Alexander the Great slay ALL the citizens of Tyre.


I’d like to hear the Gray’s explanation for that incident. Maybe they were just having some target practice with their saucer’s particle beam weapon and accidentally blew a huge opening in the wall around Tyre. Maybe it just proves even advanced aliens can make a mistake. There is a need to watch them carefully to make sure they don’t make any more such mistakes.


So our military has been reminding the aliens they should be more careful. Dr. Boylan gives his thoughts on Phil’s book at the end of his article below. It was posted at: www


Though not my article, this review of a best selling book on ET contact deserves attention. If it really happened, it seems the aliens are spreading disinformation.

A most amazing book has just been published, a White Paper written by the recently-retired Metro Desk editor of the Los Angeles Times, and sanctioned for public dissemination by visiting extraterrestrials, which reveals the Game Plan for global formal disclosure and formal ambassadorial meetings between Earth’s leaders and the Intergalactic Federation.


This fascinating book may well soon become the talk of the town.

The Contact Has Begun

by Phillip H. Krapf
Jan. 1998: Hay House Publishers []

A Skeptical Journalist Discovers Firsthand That... The Contact Has Begun!

“I awoke with a start and found the bedroom bathed in a bluish, iridescent light. At first, I thought that I had fallen asleep with the TV on, but the screen was dark. The lighted dial on the bedside digital clock radio read 2:32 A.M. It was Wednesday, June 11, 1997.”

And so began the most astounding journey that former Los Angeles Times journalist Phillip H. Krapf had ever embarked on in the 62 years of his life. In those early-morning hours, Krapf found himself whisked aboard an alien spaceship where he spent the next three days being peacefully indoctrinated into a fascinating new world by extraterrestrials called “Verdants.”

What he learned there was that these alien beings, who have been observing Earth for 1,000 years, have decided that the time has come for humankind to be invited into the Intergalactic Federation of Sovereign Planets. Hundreds of prominent world citizens have been, and are still being, recruited to serve as emissaries to help smooth the way for the eventual extraterrestrial-terrestrial contact that is planned to occur by the end of the first decade of the 21St. century.

This is the story of one person’s recruitment to serve as the official chronicler of the coming event. Without a doubt, this could be one of the most fascinating —and important— books you’ll ever read in your life! Phillip H. Krapf spent 30 years in the field of journalism as a reporter, photographer, copy editor, and managing editor. He spent the last 25 years of his career on the Metro Desk at the Los Angeles Times. Krapf and his wife make their home in Southern California.

The average life span of a Verdant is about 20,000 years. A female can only produce one offspring in her lifetime. The Verdants do not sleep, as we know it. They eat but one meal in a 36-hour cycle and are strictly herbivores. Plant matter is grown aboard the ship hydroponically, and a ton of ripened vegetation can be processed into a package weighing no more than a pound and preserved indefinitely. All of the food is processed vegetable matter that is more nutritious than authentic foods.

The Verdants home planet is about two and one-half times the size of Earth and is about 14 million light-years from Earth. A year on their planet would equal about three Earth years and a day on their planet is equal to about 55 Earth hours. The Verdants have colonized roughly 246,000 formerly uninhabited planets. Some of these are in the Milky Way Galaxy, but the vast majority are scattered to the farthest reaches of the universe.


Their population is variously estimated at a total of 500 trillion on all of the planets, which range from those as small as our own moon to those as large as our own sun. An artificial gravity system is employed to make the magnetic pull on the colonized planet similar to the natural state on Verdant.


Their craft named, “Goodwill” was built 200,000 Earth years ago. It has a diameter of about a mile and a half and the center is 3,000 feet thick. There are 32,000 personnel aboard, most of them scientists who conduct the studies of the planet under observation. Computers run the entire ship, so it requires only a handful of crew members to oversee its operation.


A large mother ship about 20 times the size of Goodwill is always within close range and is capable of speeding to the monitoring ships within a short period of time, although the distances can be hundreds of trillions of miles of separation. Simple radio waves for communication are totally unfeasible because of the distances involved.


Suffice it to say that some kind of inexplicable energy link exists between the various ships to keep them constantly in touch with one another and the home planet. The Goodwill craft is never visible from Earth because it always keeps itself positioned on the far side of the moon in a direct line with Earth.


To navigate, the Verdants set their course for a specific location in the universe, engage their mechanisms, and simply disappear from their point of origin and instantly reappear at their destination. When I asked about the purpose of this gathering, Gus (an Earth name that the Verdant chose to go by) replied that it was a, “Preparatory Orientation, Education, and Indoctrination” (POEI) conference specifically tailored to ready me for an “important designated task.” (Pg. 18)


People with unimpeachable reputations as upstanding citizens were bypassed under the correct assumption that their credibility would draw too much public attention if they chose to openly discuss their abductions. It was important to the Verdants’ mission that all such tales be viewed with great skepticism. This tactic worked admirably because the one common question that skeptics invariably asked, at least in America, was:

How come it’s always Goober who is abducted and never Sheriff Taylor? The primary reason behind the effort to keep widespread attention to a minimum was to avoid causing panic. (Pg. 19)


I was told that two classes of people had been selected to prepare for the planned Verdant-Earth summit. The first group consisted of several hundred of some of the world’s most prominent citizens. They represented every segment of human endeavor and had recently been, or were in the process of going through, the same Preparatory Orientation, Education, and Indoctrination program that I was currently participating in. They came from government, industry, commerce, religion, the arts, entertainment, sports, education, science, politics, communication, law - from every imaginable field. They had one thing in common, though - credibility - the power to personally influence large segments of the population.


Each one was assigned, or was being assigned, a specific function of his or her own toward the ultimate goal of preparing the masses of people on Earth for inevitable contact. Verdants bestowed upon each the formal title of “Ambassador.” The second group consisted of an equal number of relatively unknown people, such as myself, who were being prepared to perform secondary, but nevertheless, significant, supporting tasks. Credibility, while important, was not as crucial among this group because they were selected for their skills rather than for their standing in the population. They would play only minor roles in the campaign to influence public opinion. We were given the official title “Deputy Envoy.” (Pg. 26-27)


“Okay, so what do you want from me?” I asked. “When the Ambassadors begin revealing the truth about what has been going on in your skies for hundreds of years, it will be necessary for the people of Earth to have access to a central source of information. There will be much fear and curiosity.” (Pg. 28)

(Regarding taking notes) Instead, he promised that I would have total recall of my experiences aboard the ship for about a month. After that, my capacity for recall would return to normal, and I would remember whatever the average person might recollect under similar circumstances. Total recall would be especially valuable when writing dialogue to ensure that direct quotes were verbatim accounts, he said. (Pg. 34-35)

So far, something like 27,000 species have been assimilated into the universal alliance of planetary civilizations. Many of those species originally had been isolated and confined until evolution did its job. Only about 200 species are currently confined to their home planets, the Verdants said. (Pg. 51)

(While on board the Goodwill) I followed her out the door and into the corridor. We hadn’t gone more than 50 paces before I spotted another human strolling toward us, accompanied by a Verdant. When we were within 20 feet of each other, I immediately recognized him. These guys weren’t kidding when they said they were bringing aboard some very important people. This guy was big-time. It turned out that he was also taking a tour with his personal guide and attendant. The guides made no attempt at keep us from seeing each other. Of course, this prominent person would not have recognized me, but I had no trouble identifying him. (Pg. 57)

(Female Verdant) “We have never made the mistake of bringing anyone aboard who does not fit the profile that we are looking for.” “So there’s a particular type that you select?” I asked. “Of course. Visionaries,” she said. (Pg. 59)

The beam originates from the star ship, is bounced off the shuttlecraft, and is deflected to Earth’s surface. There the beam is focused on the intended target, who is then transported up. (Pg. 71)

“If there is only one message that you take back to your people,” Gus continued, “it is imperative that they understand that the Verdants are a peaceful race, completely and totally lacking in aggressive tendencies. We are not conquerors or warriors. Your people must understand that. They must not fear us.” There are no Verdant armed forces, and there have not been any for several million years. The only weapons of destruction exist in Verdant museums. “Not even defensive weapons?” I asked. “What happens if you come across a warlike species that is already in space before you discover them? How would you defend yourselves?” “‘Absolute intelligence’ is the ultimate weapon against which there is no adequate defense, even by the most aggressive and advanced military power,” Gus said. (Pg. 74)


When contact has been firmly made, social and cultural changes will begin taking effect, and it is anticipated that the vast numbers of peace-loving people throughout the world will begin dismantling military forces as one of their first orders of business. If no weapons are allowed in space, there will become, most likely, a concurrent intolerance for devices of destruction on Earth. Isolated from the interplanetary community, the brutes of the world will also become increasingly isolated on Earth. Eventually, they will no longer be any match for their more peaceful brethren, who will become overwhelmingly empowered as they take their place in the federation of star travelers. (Pg. 78-79)

The human species, I was told, is the most diverse that the Verdants had ever encountered. Such diversity is a rarity in the universe of civilized beings, and although the Verdants have come to expect the unexpected this came as a mild surprise to them. Until they discovered humans, they had never encountered a species in which there were wide character variations between individuals in the group. That is, a species might be good or evil, or any gradation in between, but never good and evil existing side by side in the same species. “Never before had we seen cruel and remorseless individuals exist side by side with kind and compassionate ones within the same species,” Tom (another Verdant) said. (Pg. 82-83)

Typically, when helping to prepare other species to make the transition from planet-bound animal to star traveler, the Verdants simply shared their technology with the entire civilized species. But that formula won’t work because of humankind’s unrivaled diversity. The goal, in this case, is to preserve the redeeming qualities in the species while ensuring that the darker elements of the human character-personified by the dangerous rogues of society are isolated. (Pg. 84)

“Who will oversee these changes?” I asked. “Will the Verdants become the rulers of Earth?” “Oh, not at all,” George (another Verdant) replied. “Mankind will maintain complete and sovereign control over its own destiny. We will merely offer you guidance, which you will be free to accept or reject.” (Pg. 94)

Every species, he said, is an equal part of the whole. There is no superpower, as such. Every world maintains its sovereignty while participating equally in the intergalactic community. (Pg. 95)


After the report (this book) that I was supposed to write was published, I was reminded, that Ambassadors who had been chosen to serve as liaisons between our two peoples would begin preparations to carry out their assignments on prearranged cues. Each step in the campaign that would ultimately lead up to a summit meeting between representatives of the two species would be built upon a previous event. The process would start slowly at first, beginning with the white paper, and grow exponentially in carefully planned and controlled stages until the total framework was in place.


Somewhere along the line, one or more Ambassadors would supply the leaders of the major governments of Earth with advance information on the exact time, date, and place that a certain prodigious event would occur. This spectacle would be of such monumental proportions – beyond the pale of any Earth society to execute – that no intelligent, reasonable leader would be able to doubt the authenticity of its extraterrestrial origins. (Pg. 115-116)

Once the ambassadors, relying heavily upon their own extensive credibility, had sufficiently influenced public opinion, certain select individuals would deliver to the worlds leaders, the details on making arrangements for the summit conference – and actual contact. The purpose of the contact would be to lay out the ground rules and the conditions for smoothing the path for our eventual climb into the stars as members of the interstellar community. (Pg. 117)

That said, I can reveal the visitors plan to transform a 600-square-mile area of arid wasteland somewhere in the American Southwest into a green grassland overnight. Shortly thereafter, a vast structural complex will appear in the converted grasslands where the emissaries of all nations on Earth and delegates of the star travelers will meet. It will be a small self-contained city unto itself and will be named “Genesis.” The total process will take about a year to complete, I was told. Once it is determined that the Earth is ready, each government will select a number of volunteer representatives from every imaginable field of human endeavor – scientists, teachers, pilots, artists, philosophers, historians, astronomers, engineers, doctors, bankers, industrialists, lawyers, journalists, ad infinitum – to participate in an intensive POEI program. They will live in Genesis for the duration of the program, which will last for one to three years, depending upon their specialties and their field of study. They will board a shuttlecraft each morning, Monday through Friday, to be transported to their classrooms aboard the Goodwill, and will be returned to the Genesis space port each evening. (Pg. 118-120)


“Believe?” Gina asked in wonder. “We don’t just believe. We know. Our scientists proved the existence of the soul millennia ago.” Gina said. (Pg. 124)


“Tell this to the people of Earth,” Gus continued. “We come to you as the shepherd comes to the lamb. We know the way and we will guide your step. We have discovered the light, and we will shine it upon your path. Space is a house of peace, and we welcome your people. Go into the dawn of this new day without fear or trepidation, but rather with high spirits and a thankful heart. Mankind is on the threshold of rebirth,” he concluded. (Pg. 131)

(In paraphrasing) The Verdants are in regular contact with the Ambassadors. (Pg. 138)

All Ambassadors were expected to draw up a detailed proposal on how they intended to conduct and execute their various assignments. (Pg. 140)

He (another terrestrial human who was contacted by the Verdants) said that most Ambassadorial assignments had been made, but that there was still a lot of hard preliminary work that had to be completed before the first public acknowledgment by an Ambassador would be made. And that was still several years away. (Pg. 141)

All preliminary plans should be completed by the first couple of months of the year 2001. (Pg. 150)

Sometime in the first few months of 2002, the first public acknowledgment, by an Ambassador will be made confirming the accuracy of the schedule of events as laid out in this book. This is when the actual media coverage will begin and the story will be broken worldwide. Sometime in the year 2004, the spectacular events that the Verdants promised to stage will occur.


As noted earlier, these phenomena will be so dazzling that no reasonable person could doubt their extraterrestrial origins. In the year 2005, if all goes according to schedule, the promised green grassland will appear overnight in the American Southwest, after which the city of Genesis will arise. Around 2008, Earth will be inducted into the Intergalactic Federation of Sovereign Planets and the united Governments of Earth will have been formed, with Genesis as the capital. (Pg. 151)


My way of personal comment, may I (Richard Boylan, Ph.D.) say the following.


The publisher of “The Contact Has Begun”, Hay House, has verified that the author, Phillip Krapf, is indeed the retired Metro Desk editor of the Los Angeles Times. Mr. Krapf indeed holds the copyright to the book. His account is all the more amazing, in that he has been a severe skeptic about reports of extraterrestrial encounters, but, after his own 3 day encounter last June, felt obliged to publicly share not only his own experiences, but the vitally important messages the Extraterrestrials gave him to share with all humanity.


Those messages include the timetable over the next ten years for open disclosure, commencement of formal ambassadorial level meetings between the ETs and humans, and assistance by them to the point where we will be space faring in interstellar space within a dozen years. I will add that the author’s comments in “The Contact Has Begun” are consistent with what I have found out from various extraterrestrial’s communications with the hundreds of people I have investigated, as well as the reports of other behavioral science professional CE-IV researchers.

Dr. Richard Boylan is a behavioral scientist, university instructor, certified clinical hypnotherapist, and researcher into extraterrestrial-human encounters.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.,

LLC 2826 O Street, Suite 2, Sacramento, CA
95816 USA (916) 455-0120
Dr. Boylan also communicates regularly on:

In March 2002 I was informed that Mr. Krapf reported the Verdants had canceled the program because of the savage terrorist attacks of 9/11/2001. I could find nothing about this on the Internet.


I contacted Dr. Boylan and he responded as follows:

“Phil clarified that he was NOT saying that the Verdants would not help, only that we need to get our house in order and not wait for them to clean up our political messes.”

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

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