Physical and Spiritual Alien Rain Falls From The Sky
Wednesday, April 05, 2006

When trying to come to terms with our human origins, I refer to the physical presence of Homo sapiens, this body of ours which is made up of billions of cells, performing functions and housing our souls while we walk around on this planet. I have often found myself in debates with people who simply cannot separate their physical part, from their spiritual side. They claim that the two are inseparable.


Well, I claim that the two are completely separate entities and should never be confused and NEVER be thrown into one comfortable mushy co-existence. Ask any spiritual healer, they will tell you that your body is just a vessel for your soul.

If I put a gun to your head and pull the trigger, our debate will end right there and your body would lie on the floor without movement. Our physical interaction would be over. Whether you would interact with me in some other spiritual way is a very different debate. I do not deny the existence of a very active spiritual side to our existence BUT for the sake of focus and clarity, let us stick to the physical part of our sudden appearance on this planet as a species some 180 000 to 250 000 years ago.

I have been chastised by my anthropologist friend for saying “sudden” appearance. Why they have such a problem with that term puzzles me because we have not really evolved at all physically since our creation, and therefore “sudden” appearance becomes the operative word here. I agree that “sudden” would be completely inappropriate if we had undergone dramatic physical evolutionary changes since Adam and Eve, but there is no evidence that suggests such drastic evolutionary steps.

I would therefore like to pose the question again... and ask archaeologists and anthropologists to consider this ‘sudden’ appearance of Humankind on this planet.

Who are we as a species?

Where do we come from?

AND... why are we here?

In “Slave Species of god” I talk about various ancient scripts as old as 5800 years, that talk about what clearly sounds like genetic manipulation and cloning by a more advanced group of astronauts who settled on Earth and cloned Humankind as a Slave Species.


We have now reached the same genetic ability and yet some of us find it utterly unacceptable that such advanced ‘humans’ could have lived on other planets and done such things on our planet Earth. Maybe that is because we do not believe that other planets exist? That is no longer so, we now also know that planet formation is the NORM throughout the universe.


We also know that our very own solar system has many more than just the 9 planets we have been clinging on to for so long.

Even a year ago I was accused of ‘being an idiot’ by a very confident chap at a talk that I gave, during which I spoke about Panspermia and suggested that life arrives on Earth from space all the time. In my chapter on Panspermia I outline the now scientifically accepted fact, that life exists everywhere in the universe, in the form of microscopic organisms, larvae, spores, seeds bacteria, viruses and other forms yet unknown to us.


These life-forms are distributed around the universe by asteroids, comets and other space objects and eventually land on planets, where they sprout new life and evolve. This means that new life is being deposited on planets all over the universe as we speak, in unimaginable numbers.


This life begins to evolve and evolve and evolve until it reaches high levels of intelligence. Once this level is reached and the species begins to reach out into space and exploring other planets, we reach a situation where new habitable planets would become the target of more advanced universal species. Pretty much what we are doing on Mars right now.


Sooner or later we will take it to the next level and go beyond our solar system. Or would you rather we stayed here on Earth just wondering what is going on in the big wide universe?

A recent article in New Scientist finally put to rest any doubt that Panspermia is alive and well. It reported on a number of alien life-forms that fell to the ground in the rain in various parts of the world. In July 2001, about 50 tons of ‘red dust’ fell in the rain in the province of Kerala, India. Scientists have been baffled by the microscopic alien life-forms never seen before and without any DNA. In August 2000, sprats (small herring-like fish) fell on the English port of Great Yarmouth, and in June 1997 live tadpoles and toads fall from the sky in the rain in Mexico.


The one way this could have happened is that a comet, carrying eggs or larvae or the red dust in its icy body plummeted towards Earth. As the comet exploded in the upper atmosphere, the content floated down to Earth due to gravity and settled in the clouds. The next thunderstorm produced the new arrivals to Earth in dramatic fashion.

So where am I going with this?

We are now reaching the phase of true space exploration, where we WILL put to use our scientific knowledge on other planets as we settle on them. If life has been evolving on millions of planets for millions of years, there must be many more advanced species than us on many other planets, just like there must be many lesser evolved species on other planets.


It therefore makes perfect sense that as the many evolved universal species explore other planets, they will from time to time do things that have some unexpected side effects, like creating a new species that is less intelligent, and allowing it to get out of control. Pretty much what most likely happened on this planet of ours called Earth.

The latest genetic discovery from the Human Genome Project brings us some very interesting corroborative evidence that suggests our DNA was indeed manipulated and spliced at the point of our creation.


This will be the subject of my next article.

Keep exploring
Michael Tellinger

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