-  Civilización Védica, Vida Extraterrestre y Celestiales


 -  Cosmic Civilizations on Earth


 -  Developing a Typology of Extraterrestrial Activities and Motivations - The Physics of Extraterrestrial Civilizations


 -  Élites Esconden a la Humanidad el Conocimiento y el Contacto con Muchas Civilizaciones Extraterrestres


 -  Elites Hide From Humanity Knowledge and Contact With Many Extraterrestrials Civilizations


 -  ET Civilizations


 -  ET Civilizations - Their Nature and Problems


 -  Evolving Civilizations


 -  Exopolitics Researcher Develops Evidence-Based Typology of Extraterrestrial Civilizations


 -  Long Futures and Type IV Civilizations


 -  Some of the Most Plausible Scenarios for Alien Civilizations


 -  The Physics of Extraterrestrial Civilizations - How Advanced Could They Possibly Be?


 -  The Physics of Interstellar Travel - To One Day, Reach the Stars


 -  The Universal Civilizations - from 'The Only Planet of Choice'


 -  Vedic Civilization, Extraterrestrial Life and Celestials


  Additional Information  

 -  Alien Megaprojects - The Hunt has Begun


 -  Alienologia - Studi e Ricerche Sulle Civiltà Extraterrestri


 -  Científicos Encuentran Genes Extraterrestres en ADN Humano - ¿Existen Civilizaciones de Seres Humanos Avanzados Regadas...


 -  Civilizaciones Luz - Respuestas al Estimado Buscador - Marielalero


 -  Could "Advanced" Dinosaurs Rule Other Planets?


 -  Detecting Extraterrestrial Cities on Exoplanets Becomes Possible


 -  Familia Biológica - Programa de Vida del Holograma Tierra


 -  La Evolución del Humanoide en El Cosmos - Astrobiología y Evolución - Teoría de Los Diseños Coincidentes


 -  La Vida en El Universo


 -  Odds of Finding Alien Life Boosted by Billions of Habitable Worlds


 -  Predicting What Extra-Terrestrials Will Be Like - And Preparing for The Worst


 - ¿Qué es La Inteligencia… Extraterrestre?


 -  Red Dwarf Stars May Be Best Chance for Habitable Alien Planets


 -  Scientists Find Extraterrestrial Genes in Human DNA - Do Civilizations of Advanced Human...

 -  Starry Messages - Searching for Signatures of Interstellar Archaeology


 -  Study Suggests Alien Worlds Could Be Full of Super-Intelligent Dinosaurs - Welcome to Our New Lizard Overlords


 -  Super-Earth Detected in Star's Habitable Zone


 -  Ten Thousand Revolutions - Conjectures About Civilizations



 -  The Anthropology of Searching for Aliens - Q&A


 -  The Detection of Extra-Terrestrial Life and The Consequences for Science and Society


 -  The Great Filter - Are We Almost Past It?


 -  The 'Great Filter Theory' Suggests Humans have Already Conquered the Threat of Extinction

 -  The Implications of The Discovery of Extra-Terrestrial Life for Religion


 -  Transmission of Information by Extraterrestrial Civilizations



 -  U.N. to Debate Contact With Extraterrestrial Civilizations



 -  Our Haunted Planet - by John A. Keel



 -  Xenology - An Introduction to The Scientific Study of Extraterrestrial Life, Intelligence, and Civilization - by Robert A. Freitas Jr.


  La Evolución del Humanoide en El Cosmos


  The Science, Spirituality, and Politics of Extraterrestrial Civilizations


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