August 21, 2012

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  • Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd

  • Laura Magdalene Eisenhower

Assume for a moment our government has already made first contact, and with multiple species.


Further assume they've refused peaceful offers in favor of a Faustian bargain, seeded with trinkets of death. Then the deal went awry. Nothing ever goes according to plan.

If you are wondering where this leaves us, so are we? Especially given that the goal of this series of programs is to explore the possibility of using time management to mitigate the catastrophes lying ahead of us on this present time line.

To help us sort it out, Laura Magdalene Eisenhower will join with Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, Med and Marshall Masters. Laura is a Cosmic Mythologist and the great-granddaughter of Dwight David Eisenhower.

Together we'll look at the principal opposing forces and how they are drawing us in two different directions.


One, could be a more benign time line. As to the other...


Well, just clear the guest bedroom, 'cause hell is coming to stay. (But it doesn’t have to be that way.)




First Contact

Did We Already Buy a Lemon?

by yowradio
August 21, 2012

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