Until one finds a cause for which one is willing to risk one's life,

one has not yet begun to understand how life must be lived, nor learned

what one is truly capable of achieving.


Hasta que se encuentra una causa por la que uno está
dispuesto a arriesgar la vida, uno aún no ha comenzado a entender cómo la vida debe ser vivida, ni aprendido lo que uno

es realmente capaz de lograr.







 -  Are Tunisia and Egypt Facing Real Unrest or A Manufactured Crisis?


 -  Are We Witnessing The Start of A Global Revolution?



 -  Britain's Riots - Thuggery, Looting, Lawlessness… by The Ruling Class



 -  Brzezinski Decries “Global Political Awakening” During CFR Speech


 -  Cada Vez Somos Más - Desobediencia Civil



 -  China Spending as Much on Calming Civil Unrest as U.S. on War Effort - Chinese Netizen Speaks Out


 -  CNN Accused of Forcing Journalist to Censor Bahrain Brutality



 -  Como Abortarán la Revolución


 -  Creciente Desesperación Illuminati a Medida Que se Acerca La Toma Final de Control - Noticias Geopolíticas


 - “Democracy Uprising” in The U.S.A.?



 -  Dozens of Arrests at 'Occupy Oakland'


 -  Esta Vez Estamos Cargándonos con Nosotros Al Planeta Entero


 -  Forces For A Global Revolution - Tunisia, WikiLeaks And Food Crisis


 -  How Protesters Become Terrorists


 -  How Wisconsin Could Turn Austerity Into Prosperity - Own a Bank


 -  Illuminati Desperation Grows as Final Takedown Approaches - Weekly Geopolitical News


 -  In Syntagma Square, Some See The Dawn of A New Politics


 -  It's Over Chaps - It's Just A Matter of When


 -  Is Wisconsin Our Egypt? - 15,000 Protest Off-The-Wall Right-Wing Governor's Policies


 -  My Open Letter to Every Kid in America



 -  No Alternative? - See Iceland...



 - "Por Primera Vez en Toda La Historia, La Humanidad Está Despertando" - Zbigniew Brzezinski


 -  Protests Against Wall Street Spread Across U.S.


 -  Puppets in Revolt - Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and The United States


 -  Return to Wisconsin - The Beginning or The End?


 -  Revolt In Libya - A Message to Chavez


 -  Revolution or World War III - The Road Through 2012


 -  Six Reasons The 'Occupy' Revolution Will Be Difficult to Co-Opt or Defeat


 -  Syria - Who is Behind The Protest Movement? - Fabricating a Pretext for a US-NATO "Humanitarian Intervention"


 -  The Age of Civil Unrest


 -  The Global Banking Cartel Has One Card Left to Play - The Road to World War III


 -  The Invisible Entity Behind The Global Uprising Taking Place


 -  The Long Road to Occupy-Wall-Street and the Origins of the 99% Movement - A Report From The Frontlines


 -  The Three Stages of A Revolution


 -  This Time We're Taking The Whole Planet With Us


 -  Three Reasons Why Our Awakening Will Have Nothing to Do With, or Result in A Revolution


 -  Tres Razones del Porqué Nuestro Despertar No Tendrá Nada Que Ver Con o Será el Resultado de Una Revolución


 -  Turkey and Brazil Protests Part of Same, Foreign-Led Conspiracy to Destabilize Governments - Turkish P.M. Erdogan Says


 -  U.S. Groups Helped Nurture Arab Uprisings


 - "We Are Preparing for Massive Civil War" - Says DHS Informant


 -  What The Media Aren't Telling You About American Protests


 -  What Will Happen When the Arrests Begin? - A Futuristic Picture of Mass Arrests, Critical Mass and Journalistic Awakening


 -  Why Hasn't the Revolution Already Happened?


 -  Why Revolt Is All We Have Left - Interview to Chris Hedges


 -  Wisconsin’s Uprising - A Guided Tour of The 11-Day Protest Encampment Inside The State Capitol in Madison

  Additional Information  

 -  3D Printing Guns and Bitcoin, Show Power of Technology to Create Change


 -  After GMO Labeling Shot Down, Citizens Start Labeling Themselves - Grassroots Movement


 -  Air Force Sidelines 17 Nuclear Missile Officers - Commander Cites 'Rot' in System

 -  Albert Einstein Institution Manual for A Colored Revolution in Egypt


 -  Alternative Economics


 -  America - A Sunset Empire


 -  A Movement Too Big to Fail


 -  Analysis of Financial Terrorism in America


 -  Anger Builds in Italy as Old Guard Plots Fresh Technocrat Take-Over


 -  Anonymous Threatens Exposure of Government Secrets to Avenge Aaron Swartz's Death


 -  An Open Letter to Wall Street


 -  Argentina Unrest - Brought to You by Goldman Sachs



 -  As Globalists Centralize, Secession Fever Grows Worldwide


 -  Atención a Los Movimientos Telúricos Bajo la Frágil Arena Internacional


 -  At The Point of No Return


 -  Bahrain - Is Washington Preparing For 'Regime Change' in PR Disaster Kingdom?


 -  Bank Transfer Day - Successful!


 -  Big Government - An Unnecessary Evil That Should Be Abolished


 -  Big Soros Money Linked to "Occupy Wall Street"



 -  Blackwater Mercenaries Guarding Greece Government and Overseeing Police - Coup Feared


 -  Brain Dead Obama



 -  BRICS and The Mission of Reconfiguring The World



 -  Britain’s Royal Wedding - A Big Day For The Global Oligarchy


 -  Britain’s Royal Wedding Fiasco and Its "Dirty little Secret" in Bahrain


 -  Cables Reveal Saudi Royals' Money Grabs - U.S. Messages Detail Royal Welfare Program and Royal Schemes


 -  Cincuenta Verdades Sobre Nelson Mandela

 -  Civil Conflicts Are Associated With The Global Climate


 -  Civil Disobedience or Death by Design


 -  Climate Cycles Linked to Civil War - Analysis Shows



 -  Colombians Successfully Revolt Against Seed Control and Agricultural Tyranny


 -  Color Revolutions - Argentina Next?


 -  Cómo Creamos la Realidad



 -  Contra El Imperialismo y La Colonización - Seis Estrategias por La Soberania, Dignidad y Vida de Los Pueblos


 -  Corrupt Regimes Crumble When The Foot Soldiers Refuse to Carry Out The Tyrant's Draconian Orders


 -  Countering The Corporate-Insurgency


 -  Counterinsurgency - A U.S. Army Field Manual



 -  Creeping Dread in The Rage of Aquarius


 -  David Icke Books are Contraband in U.S. Jails



 -  Discurso de 'Evo Morales' sobre La Verdadera Deuda Externa



 -  Distrust in Governments Growing - Survey Finds


 -  Does Humanity Even Want Freedom?



 -  Do You See It Coming? - The Next Largest World View Movement Will Not Have a Name


 -  Edward Snowden -There Will Be More 'Libertarian Millennials' Like Him


 -  Egyptian President Mubarak Steals 40 Billion Dollars



 -  El Documental "Fuego Sobre El Marmara" Evidencia Abusos del Ejército Israelí - Franja de Gaza


 -  El Ex-Agente de la CIA que Llama a La Revolución Global - Robert Steele


 -  El Peligro Acechante - A Qué Teme Washington en América Latina - La Pérdida del Control y lo Que Viene


 -  El Precio de La Verdad - Un Acto de Rebelión


 -  El Testamento de Gaddafi


 -  Empower Yourself to Fight The Power


 -  En el Punto de No Retorno


 -  Entendiendo y Desmantelando El Sistema de Control Global


 - "Estados Unidos No Teme a Los Informantes - Teme a Una Sociedad Informada" - Dice Snowden


 -  Estambul Se Rebela



 -  Expert Predicts End to Hierarchies and Value of Money, More ET/UFO Disclosure Starting July-Nov 2010


 -  Fifty Ways to Starve The Beast


 -  Fighting Back Against the "Intellectual Property" Racket


 -  Financial Red Alert - Europe Stands on Verge of 'Apocalyptic' Debt Crisis With Only Days Remaining


 -  Finding Freedom in Handcuffs


 - "Forgive Us for Not Arresting Those Truly Responsible for This Crisis: Bankers and Politicians" - Protesting Spanish Cops Say


 -  Frenzy Around Britain’s Royal Wedding "Should Embarrass Us All" - Johann Hari


 -  George Soros on The Coming U.S. Class War


 -  Gobernar para Las Élites - Secuestro Democrático y Desigualdad Económica


 -  How to Be a Rogue Superpower - A Manual for The Twenty-First Century


 -  How We Create Reality



 -  Il Piano per Destabilizzare La Siria


 -  International Currencies Increasingly Rejected in The Face of Inflation


 -  Is It Fear of Uprisings or Altruistic Punishment?



 -  Is It Finally Time For a Leaderless Society?



 -  Is The World Too Big to Fail? - The Contours of Global Order



 -  Italy Paralyzed as Grillo Plots Exit Route from Euro


 -  La Guerra Mas Antigua del Mundo


 -  La Mente Crédula Explicada



 -  La Revolución de La Conciencia - Urano en Aries


 -  Las Diez Etapas Que Viviría El Mundo con La Introducción de Una Divisa BRICS


 -  La Tierra Para Quien la Trabaja


 -  Latin America - Growth, Stability and Inequalities - Lessons for The U.S. and E.U.


 -  La Virtud de La Disidencia - Un Nuevo Concepto de Moralismo


 -  Le Dieci Tappe Che Vivrebbe Il Mondo con l’Introduzione di Una moneta BRIC


 -  Libia - ¿Petróleo o Bancos Centrales?


 - ¿Llegó Finalmente El Tiempo Para Una Sociedad Sin Líderes?



 -  Local Protesters are Killing Big Oil and Mining Projects Worldwide


 -  Lo Que Nadie Quiere Ver


 -  Mercenarios de Las Monarquías Déspotas Contra La Democracia - Emiratos Árabes Unidos


 -  Morsi and The Muslim Brotherhood Challenged in Egypt



 -  Move Your Money!



 -  Move Your Money - Campaign Grows to Divest from "Too Big to Fail" Banks to Local Banks, Credit Unions


 -  NATO's Inevitable War - The Flood of Lies Regarding Libya


 -  New Internet Privacy Service Moving Offshore - Here's Why



 -  Occupied America - Senate Bill 1867 Would Allow U.S. Military to Detain and Murder Anti-Government Protesters in American Cities


 -  Occupy The Food System - The World Can Feed Itself, Without Corporate America's Science-Experiment Crops and Expensive Chemicals


 -  Occupy Wall Street is COINTELPRO - Phony Opposition


 - "Operation Libya"


 - "Our Politicians Are Money Launderers in The Trafficking of Power and Policy" - Bill Moyers


 -  Pedagogía del Oprimido


 -  Pedagogy of The Oppressed


 -  Pentagon Preparing for Mass Civil Breakdown


 -  Perché Non Scoppia Una Rivoluzione



 -  Peru Now has a 'Licence to Kill' Environmental Protesters


 -  Policies for A Positive Future


 -  Políticas para Un Futuro Positivo



 -  Porqué No Estalla Una Revolución



 -  Porqué nos Desprecian Los Gobernantes - Análisis Shock...



 -  Porqué Protestan Contra El Mundial de Fútbol - Brasil


 -  Prevent World War III - Civil Resistance Sole Way to Stop US Government Aggression


 -  Privatization and Land Grabbing in Spain - Land For Those Who Work It!



 -  Qué Eres ¿"Normal" o "Anormal"? - Humanidad Promedio Estadístico


 - ¿Qué es Anonymous? ¿Qué es "El Plan"?



 -  Rebeliones - Como Estambul pero en Río de Janeiro - “Nuestros 20 Céntimos son El Parque de Estambul”


 -  Research Links Power and Tendency to Punish Harshly


 -  Riots in Istanbul - Gladio Strikes Again


 -  Robber Barons - Revolution and Social Control


 -  Russian Warships Enter Syrian Waters to Prevent NATO Attack


 -  Sanya Declaration - BRICS Leaders Meeting


 -  Secession Movements Intensify - Separatism in Europe


 -  Sei "Normale" o "Anormale"?


 -  Self-Sufficiency - A Universal Solution to The Globalist Problem - The Globalists' Worst Nightmare


 -  Senate Wants The Military to Lock You Up Without Trial



 -  Several Signs that You’re a Slave to The Matrix


 -  Sí Es Posible Otro Mundo - Con Formas Diferentes de Gobernar y Ser Gobernados - CRÓNICA Desde Venezuela


 -  Snowden Nominated for 'Freedom of Thought' Prize


 -  Syria - Who is Behind The Protest Movement? - Fabricating a Pretext for a US-NATO "Humanitarian Intervention"


 -  The Acceleration of A Global Gilded Age - Wealth Inequality Across The Globe


 -  The American Empire Is Collapsing Before Our Eyes in The Mideast


 -  The Class War Has Begun



 -  The Coming EBT Riots - What Will Happen When Government Entitlements Stop?


 -  The Condition of Human Rights at The International Setting


 -  The Economic Elite Vs. The People of The United States of America


 -  The End of The New World Order


 -  The Financial Road to Serfdom - How Bankers Use The Debt Crisis to Roll Back The Progressive Era


 -  The First Streetwise Revolution? Or Another False and Manipulated Dawn? - It's Time to Choose


 -  The Future of Countries


 -  The Global Protests - A Riddle Wrapped in A Mystery Inside An Enigma


 -  The Gullible Mind Explained


 -  The Hidden Hand of Controlled Opposition


 -  The Libyan War, American Power and The Decline of The Petrodollar System


 -  The Neo-Imperialist Corporatist Order and the "Men Behind the Curtain"


 -  The New Mental Combat Zone - 2014: Let The Year of The Solutions Begin


 -  The Phoenix Will Arise From The Ashes of The Old World Order


 -  The Plan to Destabilize Syria


 -  The Rapid Destruction of Countries


 -  The Revolution of Consciousness - Uranus in Aries


 -  The Second American Revolution Has Begun


 -  The U.S. Colored Revolution User Manual for Egypt



 -  The Virtue of Dissent - A New Concept of Moralism


 -  The War Against Syria was Planned Two Years Before "The Arab Spring" - Former French Foreign Minister Says


 -  The War Is Over... And We Won


 -  The World As It Could Be If We Only Stand Together


 -  The Worrying Trend of Internet Shutdowns


 -  The Xtremes - Subversive Recipes for Catastrophic Times


 -  Tipping The Balance of Power - How to Really Change The World - And It's Easier Than You Think


 -  Top 20 Countries Likely to Face Coup in 2014


 -  Trickle-Down Tyranny - Why Ordinary People in Positions of Local Power Are Adopting Tactics of Tyrants


 -  Turkey's Twitter Ban Collapse Fueled by VPNs and DNS Tricks


 -  Ukraine, "Colored Revolutions", Swastikas and the Threat of World War III


 -  Understanding and Dismantling The Global Control System

 -  U.S. Government Counterinsurgency Guide


 - "Vamos a Invadir 5 Países en 7 Años - Empezaremos Con Irak" - La Verdad Sobre Oriente Medio


 -  Varias Señales que Usted es Un Esclavo de La Matrix



 -  What Is Anonymous? What Is "The Plan"?


 -  What Is The Basis For Corporate Personhood?


 -  What Will Happen to Global Economy if BRICS Announce Launch of New Currency - Bricso?


 -  Who are The Libyan Freedom Fighters and Their Patrons?



 -  Who is Really Behind the American Militia Rebellion?


 -  Anti-Washington "Rebellion" Brewing Across Country


 -  Who is Really Behind the American Militia Rebellion?


 -  Why are Americans Paying to Be Searched, Spied On, Shot At and Robbed Blind by the Government?


 -  Why Brazilians Are Sick of Corrupt Politicians - And Signs That Their Government is Actually Listening


 -  Why Collective Consciousness Will Soon Render All Forms of Government Obsolete

 -  Why Protests and Civil Unrest are Growing Around the World


 -  Why The Revolution Must Start in America - Chris Hedges's Endgame Strategy


 -  Why You Should Consider Ham Radio for Communications - Resistance 101


 -  WiFi + USB Drive = Your Own Mini-Internet (Freedom)



 -  World Bank Warns of Food Riots as Rising Food Prices push World Populations Toward Revolt


 -  You Are The Hope


  Iceland - Islandia  

 -  EU/IMF Revolt - Greece, Iceland and Latvia, May Lead the Way


 -  Executives at Collapsed Iceland Bank Jailed for Fraud


 -  How to Beat The Banksters - Iceland's Hörður Torfason


 -  Iceland Continues Economic Rejuvenation by Purging Financial Parasites


 -  Iceland Declares Independence From International Banks


 -  Icelanders Overthrow Government and Rewrite Constitution after Banking Fraud - No Word from U.S. Media


 -  Iceland Kicked OUT The FBI When They Arrived to Investigate Wikileaks! - AWESOME!


 -  Iceland's Example to The World - Not to Repay International Debts Incurred by Banksters


 -  Iceland's Victory Over International Banksters


 -  Iceland Was Right, We Were Wrong - The IMF


 -  Islandia Declara La Independencia de Los Bancos Internacionales


 -  Islandia Expulsó al FBI Cuando Llegaron a Investigar a Wikileaks - ¡Impresionante!


 -  Islandia - ¿R-Evolución? - El Despertar de La Conciencia de Un Pais



 -  Islandia - Revolución Silenciosa



 -  Islandia Tenía Razón, Nosotros Estábamos Equivocados - El FMI



 -  La Justicia Avala con Islandia que 'Cada Palo Aguante Su Vela' Cuando La Banca se Arruina


 -  L'Islanda Dichiara l'Indipendenza Dalle Banche Internazionali



 -  Map of Iceland



 -  No Alternative? - See Iceland...



 -  Voters in Iceland Back New Constitution for More Resource Control




 -  Iceland Forgives Mortgage Debt for The Population - Place Bankers and Politicians on "Bench of Accused"

 -  Islandia Perdona La Deuda Hipotecaria de La Población - Pone a Banqueros y Políticos en El "Banquillo de Los Acusados"

 -  Islandia - La Revolución Silenciosa


 -  Let Banks Go Bankrupt' - Says Olafur Ragnar Grimsson Iceland President


 -  Pots, Pans and Other Solutions


 -  SURGERE - Documental Que Compara Islandia y España Para Superar La Crisis

  The Arab Spring  

 -  Alex Jones on Arab Spring & Globalism - An Exopolitics Perspective


 -  Arab Spring - Revolutions, Lies, and Intervention


 -  Bahrain, a Brutal Ally



 -  Bahrain - Nailing The Lie in Washington’s Rhetoric on "The Arab Spring"


 -  Beyond The Arab Spring, The European Winter - Hungary Becomes Third European State to Suspend Democracy


 -  La Alianza Secreta de EE.UU. con Al-Qaida y Los Fundamentalistas Islámicos


 -  Year of The Dupe - One Year Into The Engineered "Arab Spring"



 -  De La Dictadura a La Democracia - por Gene Sharp


 -  From Dictatorship to Democracy - by Gene Sharp



 -  Pedagogía del Oprimido - por Paulo Freire


 -  Pedagogy of The Oppressed - by Paulo Freire


 -  The Power of The Powerless - by Václav Havel



 -  2012 - Jaque Mate a La Humanidad - Checkmate to Humanity


 -  2012 Revolution - World Awakening


 -  Amazonia for Sale


 -  Apartheid Did Not Die


 -  Así Funciona El Mundo


 -  Bahrain - Shouting in The Dark


 -  Big Pharma - Llamamiento del Dr. Rath a La Población de Alemania, Europa y al Mundo

 -  Changing Vibrations - David Icke Talking to Meria Heller


 -  Debtocracy


 -  Democracy in Shambles - "Money First, People Second... If At All" - Bill Moyers

 -  El Manifiesto de Los Wayseer - The Wayseer Manifesto


 -  Essential Knowledge For A Wall Street Protestor - David Icke


 -  Fighting in The Fifth Dimension - The Cyberworld is A New Frontline


 -  Global Rising - Noam Chomsky and Jeremy Paxman's Interview


 -  Lucha No Violenta - Gandhi y La Marcha de La Sal


 -  Michel Chossudovsky on 'Occupy Wall Street Movement' and Libyan War

 -  Mozambique - Life after Death


 -  Nobody Can Predict The Moment of Revolution - Occupy Wall Street


 -  No Volverán - La Revolución Venezolana Ahora

 -  Occupy Times Square - 1 Marine vs. 30 Cops - Marine Wins...


 -  Palabras Desde Atenas - Words From Athens


 -  Revolución Virtual


 -  Senate Has Declared War on American People


 -  The Collective Evolution


 -  The Revolution Business


 -  The Uprising!


 -  'V' For Vendetta - Subtitulos en español


 -  Victoria para El Mundo - Paul Hellyer


 -  Victory for The World - Paul Hellyer


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