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July 21, 2013

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Quietly and in private, at the plenary session of the Trilateral Commission held in Berlin, Serbia became a member of “the secret rulers of the world”, writes Serbian daily Novosti.



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The session attended all full members from the United States, Europe, Asia and associate members and guests from the Middle East and other parts of the world.


In total, there were more than 400 leaders from the fields of politics, banking, economy and media.


Serbian media has not published the information about this event, because the Group for Serbia, as the new members of the Trilateral Commission are called, did not publish the news on its website.


The group did not respond even to the question from Novosti to provide the information about this event, saying,

“We must not publicly announce anything without the approval of the Trilateral Commission”.

Group for Serbia in the Trilateral Commission is consisted of,

  • Jovan Kovacic, president of the “East West Bridge” company [EB]

  • Dejan Novakovic, CO-CEO of the EB

  • Tahir Hasanovic, CEO of the EB

However, Hasanovic has put this information with photos on his personal profile. Among other things, it says:

“The session was conducted in a remarkable atmosphere. The greatest attention was certainly given to the presence of the founder and honorary president David Rockfeller. German Councelor Angela Merkel also addressed the meeting.”

Since 1973, when David Rockefeller formed the Trilateral Commission as a non-governmental organization of experts, billionaires, bankers and lobbyists, it has grown into the most powerful interest group.


Members of the Trilateral Commission today are representatives of 178 nationalities.


In recent years, European group has been constantly expanding, so in the organization, from 1998. until today, were admitted,

  • Poland

  • Hungary

  • Czech Republic

  • Slovenia

  • Estonia

  • Cyprus

  • Bulgaria

  • Romania

  • Croatia

It is interesting that the people who brought Serbia into the Trilateral Commission, both Kovacic and Hasanovic, are “Masons and members of the Regular Grand Lodge of Serbia.


Jovan Kovacic is Belgrade communications expert and adviser for political affairs, who was educated in Serbian, American and British schools. He was Tito’s translator and journalist for Tanjug, swimming champion, then a war correspondent for the Western media, adviser of OHR in Bosnia and Herzegovina and OEBS in Belgrade.


About 10 years ago he founded the first company for strategic partnership and lobbying. Since 2006. he was adviser of the Government of Republika Srpska and Government of Serbia.


He is married and father of three, he lives and works in Belgrade as the co-owner of the “Kovacic & Spasic” company.

“In May 2010. Kovacic attended the plenary session of the Trilateral Commission in Dublin, when Serbia was invited for the first time to a conference of this organization. Afterwards he was present at conferences in Budapest, Washington, Hague, Tokio and Helsinki, where he was appointed with task to form a trilateral in Serbia.


He is the member of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations and other organizations,” says in his biography.

Secretary General of the Serbian trilateral, Dejan Novakovic, is State Secretary in the Ministry of Energy.


He is from Krusevac, got a degree in Economics at the Belgrade University and Ljubljana, but he was hired in MIA as expert for international security, organized crime and corruption. In 2011. he attended plenary session of the Trilateral Commission in Helsinki.


Tahir Hasanovic is known in Serbian politics as a youth activist, the youngest member of the Central Committee, then as one of the leaders of New Democracy, personal manager of DOS, businessman and a templar.


He retired from politics and business and in the “East West Bridge” group, as he says, makes efforts to promote Serbia in the world as a liberal and tolerant country.