Mission Possible
by Betty Martini

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You say toxicity is a matter of degree. When NutraSweet was in 600 products there was great concern for safety and hearings in Washington on its deadly affects.


It is quoted in one book where Senator Metzenbaum said:

"You would think people would be dropping like flies, but they arenít."

Yes, they are. But its called the "hidden epidemic" because no one associated all the neurological symptoms and diseases, and the endocrine disorders, and cancers with NutraSweet. Searle and Monsanto have funded so many organizations that even the physicians at the American College of Physicians didnít know until I provided them with some of the documents and case histories. They were aghast and one replied "weíre recommending the very thing that is making our patients sick".

Going back to to toxicity. Today NutraSweet is in 5000 products and climbing, not 600, and the patent has expired. Like one professor said: "Why are people saying they are going blind on coffee?" Well, they are putting Equal in it. Now Maxwell House is putting it in their vanilla roast which goes in a coffee maker - double whammy.

Consider that NutraSweet is in coffee, juice, vitamins and several products you have for breakfast. Then people drink diet soda. Itís in their baked goods, many times, without their knowing it. Itís in their medicines and even over the counter medicines. Even your gum is "sugar free".

At one of those safety meetings the late FDA toxicologist, Dr. Adrian Gross said:

"In view of all these indications that the cancer causing potential of Aspartame is a matter that had been established way beyond any reasonable doubt, one can ask: what is the reason for the apparent refusal by the FDA to invoke for this food additive the so-called Delaney Amendment to the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act Is it not clear beyond any shadow of a doubt that Aspartame had caused brain tumors or brain cancer in animals, and is this not sufficient to satisfy the provisions of that particular section of the law?


Given that this is so (and I cannot see any kind of tenable argument opposing the view that Aspartame causes cancer) how would the FDA justify its position that it views certain amount of Aspartame as constituting an ADI (Allowable Daily Intake) or ísafe" level of it? Is that position in effect not equivalent to setting a ítoleranceí for this food additive and thus a violation of that law? AND IF THE FDA ITSELF ELECTS TO VIOLATE THE LAW WHO IS LEFT TO PROTECT THE HEALTH OF THE PUBLIC?"

Obviously, we have no protector. One of the women who testified before Congress was Joyce Wilson. Again, she did not associate her medical problem with NutraSweet until someone as blunt as I am got on TV and said "this is poison - Iím already blind in one eye".


Joyce said:

"That's me - it must be the NutraSweet".

Because she knew what was doing it she could tell her doctor and Dr. Morgan Raiford, highly respected ophthalmologist, saw the methanol toxicity, and medically documented her case.

But Joyce had used it too long and with her last breathe she tried to warn the world like Iím doing. In April, 1994 her husband Richard wrote this message in a local newspaper:

"Aspartame killed my wife. No words can express the agony and horror sweet Joyce endured. This poison destroyed her brain, ravaged all her organs and blinded her. She died at age 46 in 1991.


When we filed suit we were harassed and threatened. Our gung-ho attorneys with a medically documented case suddenly seemed scared away. The case had to be dropped. Joyce deteriorated so quickly she would not have been able to participate in the legal proceedings anyway.

Donít listen to the paid Judas-goats and TV celebrities who say its safe. Save your life and those you love, and avoid the grief I endured. The makers of this poison considered her death an acceptable cost of business. Iím a man without a wife because the NutraSweet Company is a business without a conscience. April is anti-Aspartame month. Take dead serious the warnings you will hear.


The life you save may be your own.

Richard Wilson."

The last week in September Joyce Wilsonís son married and on her empty chair lay a long stem rose. On October 1 MISSION POSSIBLE exposed the American Diabetic Assn. for taking megabucks from Monsanto and endorsing this products for diabetics with full knowledge of its deadly effects. Press packs were covered with black lace and sympathy cards and garnished with one long stem rose.

Mission Possible volunteers walked along side almost 1000 diabetics in black berets representing mourning and outcry for those sick and dying from Aspartame . They were given a position paper on Aspartame and diabetes written Dr. H. J. Roberts, diabetic specialist, who had given research to the ADA who refused to print it. They were also given our warning flyer.

Diabetics started getting off of NutraSweet and they began to call saying how their vision was returning, their memory was returning, their depression was gone and their blood sugar was under control. One lady met me on the street and hugged me:

"How could they do this to us. I was so sick for so long. I could have died."

Joyce Wilson will never know her grandchildren. She died like an Alzheimer patient with no memory, the most common symptom of NutraSweet. Dr. Roberts says that aspartic acid and phenylalaine cannot be tolerated by the brain in large amounts without the other amino acids in protein.

When NutraSweet was approved Dr. Roberts being a diabetic specialist immediately noticed the memory loss, confusion and severe vision loss of his diabetic patients.

The Congressional Record that contains the protest of the National Soft Drink Assn. admits Searle used the wrong test that would not even pick up aspartic acid, the wrong solution (buffered solution instead of beverage matrix), did not test for temperature elevation and did not test for the witches brew of breakdown products.


Books say that "someone" told the Board of Inquiry the FDA convened "not to get into carbonated beverages". Dr. Arthur Hull Hayes, head of the FDA over-ruled the Board of Inquiry that said not to approve NutraSweet because of the brain tumors and seizures. He then went to work for Searleís PR firm and didnít speak to the press for 10 years.

Because we deal with this daily and see the symptoms over and over and over again, we have it down to a science. We just say "take the no Aspartame test". They are startled to see their symptoms disappear in a matter of weeks as they return to normal health - at least the ones you get in time.

On June 2, I hand-carried to Newt Gingrich a letter from Dr. Roberts that said:

"I am writing you to request a new Congressional hearing in the near future concerning the documented harm being inflicted on many Americans, probably in the millions, from the use of products containing Aspartame (NutraSweet). .....

These asserts do not stem from personal gain or bias, but rather reflect extreme concern over damage being caused by a chemical that should not have been approved by the FDA in the first place. Other professionals and scientists who shared this view include in-house FDA scientists, consultants for the General Accounting Office and a Public Board of Inquiry...

..The severity of their neurological, intellectual, psychiatric, metabolic, endocrine, allergic and other reactions to Aspartame products forces me to recommend that products containing this synthetic chemical supplement be removed as an "imminent public health hazard."

Believe it - its poison. And Iíll be glad to email you the report on Aspartame ís history emailed to me if you want to see really how bad it is.

Do you really think 1 million people would make distributing warning flyers a way of life if the health of the world was not at stake.


Weíre getting calls from other countries having the same problems. I just sent a packet to Norway. A man who distributes them in Moscow is coming to Dr. Roberts seminar here in Atlanta, July 29 on Alzheimer's. We are the hush heard around the world - poison - poison - poison! We all give out the documentation at our expense. It takes up all our time and thousands and thousands of dollars to make copies and mail them.

Some people want to know, others donít care. Weíre trying to save those who want to be saved. If you talk to 5 people using NutraSweet 3 of them already have the symptoms or some disease triggered by Aspartame according to the Aspartame Consumer Safety Network. I find that to be the case.


The documentation cost you nothing but the postage on an envelope. Itís available if you want it.