Chapter Nine

Death, Destruction, Chaos, And Other Bad Stuff

A comprehensive study of far-out ufology would not be complete without the inclusion of the doomsday prophecies.


A substantial portion of alleged UFO messages deal with coming drastic Earth changes, along the lines of the Edgar Cayce predictions. Included in the list of disasters are polar shifts, earthquakes, instantaneous and mass kundalini experiences, divine revelation, total planetary transformation, and other items which should rival Saturday afternoon football for generating general interest.

What condenses out of all this prophesied mayhem is a story of cycles. A good man to start telling this story is one of the contactees of the fifties, George Van Tassel. He reported numerous contacts with extraterrestrials including a guided tour of a saucer of the type photographed by another early contactee, George Adamski.

Van Tassel claimed telepathic contact with the UFOnauts both at a distance and in person. By the latter I mean that he claimed that the very “normal” looking space man who accompanied him on the space ship would answer his questions before he could verbalize them. George published information he had received from the Great Pyramid at Giza to a time machine he was building as a result of instructions from the space people.


This time machine, which he called an Integratron, still sits in the Mojave Desert near Van Tassel’s small airport at Giant Rock, California. He claims that the reason it won’t work is that the space people have never come back and calibrated it for him.

Needless to say, Van Tassel was never taken seriously by the bulk of the scientific community.


I spent a week at Giant Rock in 1964 getting to know George and doing a little more detective work. Although I have no way of vouching for the validity of his claims, I can say that he displayed the characteristics of the people who were involved in my telepathic experiments, and was able to display the same type of seemingly telepathic response with which I had become quite familiar in that connection.

At any rate he is one of the classic contactees and some of his material fits nicely into my theory of ufology.

O mortals cast in density of form, I center the Light to guide your way.
My Light is not seen by those who observe only the density of figure.

Neither can I violate the Laws I have made in the Wisdom of My eternal ways. I cannot but stay at rest with you, hoping that the best will reach for Me, that I may bring your perception into the Light.

Man closes doors, man hides himself. He binds himself to possessions of dust, not realizing all is lost to him and lost to Me. For only by the progression of thee do I progress. My parts are scattered throughout My boundless Being. I move in many ways to fashion My completeness. Each part shall find the resurrection in Me, though the time is recorded in the records lost in space. My eternity is only complete in the patience of Myself in thee.

And so I wait within, with the knowing that My beginnings never end.

O man, in the everchanging pattern of My thoughts I bring My creatures into being. In seeing motion all about, never doubt that I am there. For I am motion, change, and time, so that My rhyme of repetition may cycle all My parts.

Your eyes reach out to see the stars, not realizing each has stars within. Though sin may barricade your way to Me, change will be your sword to rend the veil and I shall hail you in your victory over self.

Though My time is naught to Me, time to you is meant to be a gauge to register progression in My ways.

Motion is the Me in thee, O man, to manifest a change, so that in time you may escape the rhyme of rebirth repetitions and be timelessly the peaceful thought of Me - eternally.1

There are twelve densities in the system we occupy. Each of these is divided into twelve major cycles. Each major cycle is divided into twelve minor cycles. When a solar system moves out of one density into another, it is called a master cycle.


The solar system that we are in is now in the arc between the Third and Fourth densities. For the planet Earth and this solar system, this is the time of times. The Earth is culminating a minor cycle, a major cycle, and a master cycle all at the same time.


This will bring about a rebalancing of the planet on new poles. When this occurs, the great earthquake written of in Revelations will take place.2

George is saying that due to the rotation of our galaxy, or some more complex relative motion through space, our planetary system is making a cyclical transition which will result in changes in the basic atomic structure of our physical environment, including our physical bodies.

Another source says:

… our understanding of time relates to magnetic cycles. Perhaps we have imperfectly expressed ourselves on this score in that we cannot seem to convey to you the relationship between cyclic time - magnetic cycles - and your understanding of time.3

OAHSPE speaks of the termination of the previous cycle:

So Jehovih said: Now will I prune the earth and her heaven. Behold the division of Wagga shall be hewn off and cast beneath the waters of the ocean. Her heaven shall be no longer tenable by the spirits of destruction, for I will rend the foundation thereof and scatter them in the winds of heaven.

Go ye, therefore, down to the earth and provide nets and vanchas for receiving the spirits of darkness, and for receiving the spirits of mortals who shall perish in the waters. And provide ye a place in my exalted heavens suitable for them; and ye shall wall them about in heaven that they cannot escape, but that they may be weaned from evil.4

My etherean ships of fire shall surround Wagga on every side. And I will cut loose the foundations of the earth, at the borders of the ocean and the mountains of Gan, nor shall any prop or corner-stone stay My hand. And I will send rains and winds and thundering; and the waters of the great deep shall come upon the lands, and the great cities shall go down and be swallowed in the sea.5

Here is the Hatonn source on the same subject; except that he is speaking of the end of the present cycle.

There are many vibrations within this creation. It has been written in your Holy works that “in my Father’s house, there are many mansions.” This was a statement of these conditions. The mansion, or vibration, in which an entity finds himself is a result of his desire. If there is a separation, or choice, to be made, then it is up to each entity to select, according to his desire.

For that reason, we visit your planet at this time, to attempt to help those who could wish to make their choice. There are many who have chosen already, even though they are not aware of it.

There will be an experience in this illusion, in the not-too-distant future, which will be alarming to some of the people of this planet. We are attempting to provide an understanding of the truth of this experience prior to its occurrence. Our service is to aid those who wish to choose a different mansion.

If an entity has chosen a particular mansion, then he will receive it. It is not a good or a bad place. It is simply a different place.6

There are several events that will occur. There will be events of a physical nature. These events will be, from the point of view of those who are living with the illusion, of a very destructive nature. However, there is no such thing as destruction. There is only change. This you must understand. If you understand this, then you will understand the truth of what is to occur.

There will be change, a physical change. This change will be very beneficial. However, the people of this planet who view these changes from their present state of ignorance will consider them to be quite destructive.

This is unfortunate. However, the people of this planet have had a sufficient length of time to become educated.


They have, however, sought to educate themselves in the ways of their illusion, rather than the ways of the Creator. This illusion is so strong in their understanding that most of them have no awareness in a waking sense of reality. These people will be very difficult to communicate with. They will view the changes in their immediate creation as destructive and irreversible.

Q. Well, is it going to be an earthquake, or a depression, or what?

The changes will be of a physical nature.


The depression of which you speak is of no consequence. It would be viewed as nothing compared to the physical changes that will occur. It will be necessary for members of groups such as this one who wish to serve to understand fully the reality of these changes, and to understand fully the accuracy of the statement made in your holy book which states that “Although you walk through the valley of the shadow of death, you will fear no evil.” This must be kept uppermost in your consciousness.


For you will walk through this valley. And you will demonstrate to those who seek your knowledge of truth and only your ability to demonstrate this knowledge will alert those who seek the knowledge that you are a true and knowing channel. For many false channels will at this time be lost. For they will not be able to demonstrate their knowledge of truth.


For they will cling to the illusion that has surrounded them, and will display the fear that this illusion brings upon them.

This change is looked upon by those of us who understand it as an extremely beneficial change. It is also looked upon, by those members of groups such as this one who have realized the truth of this information, as extremely beneficial to all the peoples of this planet.


It will be difficult for some of the members of groups such as this one to demonstrate an understanding of these truths, since they have been strongly affected by the illusion that has been created by the people of this planet.

However, this understanding is a necessity to be demonstrated.

Q. What’s going to be happening, exactly?

Physical change, of all types.

There will be massive destruction wrought upon your surface. It will be of such a nature as to totally change the surface of your planet. This destruction is within your planet at this time. It has been put there by thought. It has been put there by the thought of the population of this planet through thousands of years of thinking this thought.


This thought is of a vibratory nature. You are at this time passing through the last portion of what you know as the third density vibration. Shortly, your planet will be sufficiently within what you know as the fourth density vibration. At this time there will be a disharmony between the thought that creates the vibration that is your planet, and the thought that dwells within the density that is the fourth.

Much energy will be released of a physical nature. This energy will create physical changes within your planet. There will be changes within your land masses. Changes in your atmosphere.

Changes in all of the physical manifestations of your planet. This will be of a nature that will be considered to be cataclysmic. This is a very good thing. However, it will not be considered good by those that are within the illusion.

Labeling this change good or bad is something that is dependent upon the individual observing the change and his orientation. My friends, the reason for this change being of a cataclysmic nature is that the thought that has been generated upon and in your planet for the past several thousands of years is a thought that is out of harmony with the new vibration that your planet now goes into.


The Creator never conceived of the condition that is shortly to manifest upon your planet. This condition is manifested as a result of the desire of all the individuals that dwell on this planet. They are not aware of this desire, but their desire has created this.

They have created a condition by their desire that is shortly to be severely out of harmony with where they will physically be. Due to this, there will be a large energy release, which will manifest itself upon your planet in the form of earthquakes, storms, volcanic eruptions, and in fact a shift of the poles of your planet with respect to their orientation in space.

This change that will shortly manifest itself upon your planet is, as I have said, a result of the mismatching of vibrations of your planet and its new position in space.


This change will alert many of the people of your planet who are very lightly slumbering, and many of the ones who are slumbering relatively deep. Many of these people will at this time be what is known in many of your religions as “saved.” It will save them, because they will get the violent awakening that is necessary to cause them to raise their vibrations that last amount that is necessary to get them off the fence, so to speak.

There will be those who are more deeply slumbering, so to speak, who will not make the transition. It is up to you to provide those who will be awakened with the information that they desire. We have stated that this transition is both good and bad. Ultimately, in its most broad sense, it is a good transition; however, it is an unnecessary transition. In a normal transition there would be no energy release, since in a normal transition, the vibration of the planet would match closely enough and be in harmony with the new and higher vibration.


This would result in no energy release, and the planet would continue in a relatively normal sense from a lower vibration to the higher. Your planet is an aberration in the evolution of the spirit of the people of the planet and the planet. The change that will take place will be a beneficial change. However, the mechanics of the change will seem anything but beneficial.

Those of the people who dwell upon this surface at this time who are totally aware of the results of this change, and the reason for it, will not in any way be affected by this change. Those who are not aware of this, but who are aware of this in a spiritual sense, will be affected only emotionally, because they will not understand. There are the people we wish to communicate with.7

The UFOnauts emphatically feel that this catastrophic time is not absolutely necessary. We could avert it if we came into harmony with the new vibration.


In fact, the precise timing of the Earth changes depends entirely upon us:

We of course cannot interfere, but do ask that you who are on the Earth planet work metaphysically, mentally with love in your hearts to eliminate, as much as Spirit will allow to be eliminated, danger, fear, panic, and loss. Thank you.


We are on the alert. We do not know when and how some of these will strike. But they are scheduled, from what we can gather of auric conditions and mass thinking in this section of the world, which is very serious at this time.8


But let me say to you this, that prophecies were given so that Man would have the opportunity to avoid these things. Prophecies do not necessarily need to be fulfilled, for Man’s destiny lies entirely within his own hands. You see, prophecies are made by the realization of a pattern, but patterns can be changed, and you, my friends, the People of Earth, have it within our power to change and avoid these things.9

And from Case No. 3, Chapter 1:

Then he gave us to understand that the little men might represent a threat for all of us in the future. But, as he was not sure whether the danger came from the particular type of individual who had abducted him or from other unknown types, he was at present prepared to have a further meeting with them in order to clarify the matter.


In any case, he said, he was certain that the world was in great danger, without however knowing from where this danger would come. The danger had been revealed to him by the fair-skinned individual of friendly mien who had appeared mysteriously before him in the chamber, unperceived by the little men.


The danger would involve the whole of mankind, and would possibly include intervention by unknown beings, in addition to other calamities. This danger might however be avoided if mankind changed their present behavior.10

The Confederation is hoping that we on Earth will become aware of what power our thoughts actually have, and its members are here to keep the message of love flowing to those on Earth who desire to hear it and learn from it.

Your planet, along with its neighbors, is moving as your galaxy is, into a new area of space, a new vibration. In this creation, there is nothing but order. It is only necessary to look about you to see the order and perfection of this universe.

You are about to experience a gift. This gift will be a new understanding of love. Some of you have already begun to experience this, and as the progression takes place, it will become more and more apparent to many of those of Earth.

We are here to help with this experience. This is the reason that so many of your brothers from space, as you call it, are now here with planet Earth. We are here to serve and to help the Creator’s plan bring to you the love that you desire.11

And from OAHSPE:

So great was the wisdom of these Gods and Goddesses that to come within the earth’s atmosphere was sufficient to enable them to read all the souls and prayers of mortals, and all the thoughts and desires of the spirits of the lower heaven belonging to the earth. To each and all of them the voice of Jehovih was ever present, and their power was like unto their wisdom.

Jehovih hath said: To the corporean I have given power to hear one or two things as the same moment of time; but My Gods can hear intelligently tens of thousands of men speaking at the same time. Yea, they can find a way to answer them also.12

Fragapatti said: Autevat, my son, the All Light fell upon me, saying: My Son, go to the red star, the earth; her coat is red with mortal blood! Now, by her time she standeth more than two hundred years beyond the boundaries of Horub. For this, I called thee and thy attendants.

How long will it take thee to go thither and survey the earth and her heavens, and return hither?

Autevat, well trained in such matters, said: Of the earth’s time, forty days. Fragapatti said: What number of attendants wilt thou require for so great a distance? And Autevat said: Twenty thousand.

Fragapatti said: Provide thee, then, all thou requirest, and go at once. And if thou shalt find the inhabitants of the earth suitable for sacred records, commission thou the God or Lords to send second loo’is to raise up an heir for Jehovih’s kingdom.

Autevat said: Thy will and Jehovih’s be done. And, duly saluting, he and his attendants withdrew, and, coming to Gatwawa, ordered an arrow-ship of twenty thousand gauge. In two days it was completed; and, during the time, Autevat had chosen his attendants. And so he departed, swiftly, like a ray of light, Autevat and his attendants, for the red star, the earth. To see what was the matter, that a God so far away as Fragapatti was, could feel and know the flow of human blood!

For such is the all perfection of Jehovih’s Sons and Daughters. Even mortals can sense things a little way off; but Jehovih’s upraised Gods feel the breath of the stars, and know when they are disordered.13

The planet Earth is now in a state of transition toward a greater unfoldment of man’s progression; the world is not going to end! 14

… we are now diligently preparing the way for His footsteps to be heard throughout the world. The Kingdom is no longer at hand, the Kingdom is here, and He is shortly to manifest to all men. We have awaited this time with eagerness through the long centuries. Is it not then a time for great rejoicing even though some catastrophe shall come to the world? But through this catastrophic purification man shall inherit his godhood.15

Full knowledge of our presence will soon be known to your people. There will be, at that time, great upheavals on your planet. We regret this cannot in any way be avoided. We knew this from the beginning. We, therefore, have warned man repeatedly to prepare for these events, both mentally and physically.16

And one last and extremely sensible insight into the contacteé predictions of catastrophe, which we would do well to note as an accurate perception:

“Orthon,” a cosmic being, told a group of Danish contacteés that a great cataclysm would occur on December 24, 1967. The press freely translated this as “the end of the world.” Borge Jensen, spokesman for the contacteés, told newsmen that Orthon and the Space Brothers had released the warning out of love for mankind.


The world did not end, and one would have to debate the limits of “cataclysm,” but on the date named by the space being, earthquakes rattled various parts of the globe (some registering as high as 7.25 on a Richter scale of 10), an inactive volcano in Samoa began vomiting new fire, and nearly the whole of Europe was paralyzed by severe winter storms.


Could it be that our Space Brothers merely exaggerate the scope of coming disasters in an attempt to get apathetic and skeptical Earthmen to act?17