Chapter Two
The Telepathic Contact

Do a movie on Uri. Melanie is the one to do it. Work at it; it will come out at the right time. You are not to entrust anyone with the secret of our existence—no one.1

This message was received at 2:00 p.m., April 14, 1972. It appeared as if by magic on Dr. Andrija Puharich’s cassette tape recorder, and was alleged to have been transmitted from a UFO. At 1:03 a.m. on August 27, 1972, the following was received in the same manner by Dr. Puharich:

One of our failures is that we cannot contact you directly. We can only talk to you through Uri’s power on the tape recorder. It is a shame for such a brilliant mind we cannot contact you directly. Maybe in time we shall be able to contact you directly …


This afternoon we heard the movie script … it is a brilliant movie but not the story we want. We want you to prepare the earth for our mass landing, a mass landing on earth. We landed in South America 3,000 years ago, and we must land again. We want you to tell our story, what you call the UFO experience. Use all the collected data and literature.


A.P.: How do we know which is the relevant or true data?

Research the data published. You will know what is correct. Write the movie script carefully, slowly, properly, and cleverly.2

Six years earlier, in 1968, I had received essentially the same message, not on a tape recorder but by the direct mental process referred to by the source. I had been experimenting since 1962 with dozens of subjects, pursuing an investigation into the possibility of mental or telepathic contact with UFO sources. By August, 1972, when Dr. Puharich was being asked to prepare Earth for a mass landing by producing a movie on the subject, I was already in the middle of producing a motion picture. My reason for doing so: a UFO source had requested the same task of me.

The important part of this is that each of us had received the same information, totally independently, and allegedly from a UFO source. In fact, most of the information from the UFO source recorded in the book, URI, by Puharich, correlated with the telepathically received data I had accumulated as a result of my own experiments.

My own interest in the possibility of telepathic contact with UFO sources stemmed from my original study of the UFO literature of the 1950s. Most of the people who claimed contact with UFOs were considered charlatans or crackpots by the scientific community in general. It seemed to me, however, that this was the historically classic attitude of men of science toward genuinely new ideas.

This is true to this day, and was emphatically true then. The numerous contactees of the ’50s, as well as many of the more recent contactees, seemed to have a common denominator: most of them claimed direct, mind-to¬mind contact with the aliens, rather than verbal communication.

It was not hard to see why the scientific community would be sorely tempted to classify all UFO contacts in a lump under cultist claims because of the metaphysical or religious orientation of most of the messages. On the surface, such contacts seemed like highly imaginative science fiction stories, or like the creations of fanatic cultist groups seeking frantically for their new Messiah.

What the scientific community chose to overlook was the independence of many of the claims from other claims of contact, and the extreme degree of consistency in the content of the messages. This independence was a fact in several of my own contact experiments: the participants did not know when they started what their goal was or what they should expect to happen to them. The messages which they eventually produced were extremely consistent in content with other alleged UFO messages.

I have found increasing numbers of functioning contact groups around the country, in Canada and England, and elsewhere in the world. And in addition to the growing number of voluntary contacts, one can come across many sincerely told stories of involuntary contact.

An example of this which has been well documented is Herb Schirmer’s story. Schirmer, a highway patrolman in the midwest, reported sighting a flying saucer during a routine patrol in 1967. The Condon Committee heard of this and put him through time-regression hypnosis. Under hypnosis, Schirmer recounted contact with the UFOnauts themselves, rather than a simple sighting of a flying saucer. Repeated testing of Schirmer’s memory only proved that he sincerely believed that his story of contact with extraterrestrials was true. The Condon Committee people could not shake his faith in what he remembered of the UFOnauts.

Herb Schirmer’s story is told rather fully by an investigating reporter who seemed well versed in this area. He offered a list of general observations regarding the UFO contactees. Among his points was this one, concerning the way the contactee allegedly receives his messages from the UFOnauts:

While he is being interviewed or questioned, the contactee often seems to be listening to another “voice” or presence in the room. Often there are pauses in his conversation which last as long as forty-five seconds to a minute. After this pause, the answer to a query is given with great lucidity. In interview sessions wherein the contactee has been hypnotically regressed to the time of contact, he begins his entranced recreation of the experience in “normal” hypnotic voice trance patterns. When he reaches the time when the “message” was relayed to him (usually after the mental and physical examination) his voice and manner changes, even under hypnotic trance and he recites, rather than recalls, the dogma which saucer people have relayed to him.3

I recognized this description of the contactees’ manner when speaking as messengers for alleged UFOnauts as being similar to the style of speaking used by all of the “telepathic receivers” that I had investigated. Another extremely apt description of this telepathic contact is found in John Fuller’s book, INTERRUPTED JOURNEY. Included in this volume is a great deal of directly transcribed and quoted material from the file of Betty and Barney Hill. They had gone to a psychiatrist with anxiety problems. The doctor had performed time regression hypnosis on both of them, and uncovered an alleged contact with the UFO people. When Barney was asked to recall the language used by the UFOnaut, Barney stated that the being did not speak to him by word, but told him what to do by the alien’s thoughts making his thoughts understand. When the psychiatrist asked Barney if this was some kind of mental telepathy, Barney said that he did not know the definition of the word “telepathy.” Yet he described its process quite well.

It seemed to me to be rather an exaggeration of scientific caution to declare, as so many did, that all of the people who claimed this telepathic communication were suffering from identical forms of mental aberration. The more appropriate response seemed to me to be to attempt to check this common denominator out.

For this reason, I set up a control group of people whose sanity and habitual veracity I could vouch for, and proceeded to expose them to conditions which allegedly would produce UFO contact. The instructions, of course, had come from an alleged UFO source which I had come across several times in my research.

Since 1962, I have worked with over 100 of these human guinea pigs who were successful in mentally receiving what I believe to be messages from UFOs.

The data collected through these telepathic receivers created a problem in evaluation. I had originally hoped to be able to extract material of a scientifically evidential nature from these experiments, but soon after the start of the experiment, I realized that rigorous analytical control was not possible. Telepathy itself is still proving extremely difficult to investigate scientifically, when the receiver and the sender both can be monitored exhaustively. And, needless to say, if we could put our hands on the UFO senders to test them, we would have our experiment’s end.

Yet it was possible to produce an unending supply of data. So I simply chose to generate a great deal of data, figuring that it was a mistake to expect material of this nature to fit any preconceived notion that I might have had.

After carrying on this experiment for over 13 years, I now feel that I can make the following statement: The information claimed to be received by numerous UFO contactees can be duplicated in a controlled situation.

For example, in numerous instances, I have been able to produce the telepathic contact in people who have no previous knowledge of UFO literature. In each case the message which they receive has correlated in its content to a very high degree with other UFO contactees’ messages. The results of this experiment indicate to me that we should take a very close look at this UFO contactee information. It is my belief that within this information is the key to creating a much more direct contact with the elusive UFO phenomenon.

When I work with Uri Geller, the results we achieve with telepathic experiments are remarkably good.

Many professional magicians have stated that Geller is actually a very clever trickster with no special mental ability. It seems that few of them have applied the scientific method of repeated experiment to determine his ability.

I found that, for my own edification, the most conclusive tests were those performed in a random fashion during the normal daily routine, completely unannounced. That is, Uri did not know that I was testing his telepathic ability as we carried on a normal conversation during the day. The result: for me, there is no doubt that Uri Geller is a first-class telepathic sender and receiver.

Telepathy is not a difficult technique to learn. I am convinced that it is a basic form of communication that our civilization has forgotten due to lack of use. It is analogous to the ability to do one-arm pushups. Anyone can do them, with enough practice and conditioning.

Most of us can show evidence of a telepathic “muscle,” since we’ve usually had experiences of starting to talk about a subject simultaneously with a close acquaintance.

Telepathic communication is very similar to radio communication. If you think of everyone having a radio transmitter and receiver in their brain, you have a close analogy. Our problem is to learn to tune this mental radio for clear transmission and reception. It is my theory that the UFO contacteés are receiving, on often poorly tuned receivers, the powerful and accurately tuned signal of the UFO’s transmitter.

Learning to receive is very simple. It requires practice in making the mind a total blank. This is easier for some of us than others! One way to do this is to make a daily practice of sitting in a comfortable position and letting the conscious mind “run down” or become less active. Finally, short periods of consciousness with no thoughts can be achieved. This is the beginning to tuning the receiver, and is the condition necessary for the UFO contact experiment to succeed. Now this is still far from perfect tuning, but it can be sufficient if, as in the case of the UFOs, the transmitter is very strong.

It seems that language is no barrier to telepathic communication. For instance, a German sender may think, “messer,” meaning knife, and the American receiver will get the impression of a knife. The general contact of that communication will have been achieved, though perhaps nuances in meaning are lost. I believe this to be the case in most UFO contact communications, and accounts for the seemingly common nature of the language.

Once the subjects in my experiment were trained, it was necessary to attract the UFO transmitter. The most efficient way of doing this seemed to be a simple hand-off. The trained receiver was exposed to a contacteés for a brief period, not long enough to dilute the evidential quality of the data which the new receiver might be expected to produce.

Since a study of this nature takes years to produce, and since most of the evidential quality is extracted slowly and cumulatively by the experimenter, it is difficult to prove to the casual observer the nature of the alleged contact. To most researchers, this evidence is simply not conclusive.

Since I have observed over 100 people go through this process and have read millions of words of contactee literature, both published and unpublished, I believe that I am now in a position to select the highly correlative material from the masses of communications. Moreover, the material in the body of this book is selected by me to best represent the material received from the large number of contactees whose material I have studied.

I have no way of vouching for 100% accuracy; however, I have tried to reduce my personal bias to a minimum by investigating as much material as I could find.

The answers you find here are the result of a careful selection from literally millions of words of alleged UFO communication spanning over 20 years and involving contactees both “silent” and published, as well as my own experimentally fabricated contactees.


I will make the following observations concerning the general nature of the alleged telepathic communications from UFOs:

 People who have had face-to-face encounters with UFOnauts report telepathic communication more often than any other form.
 Those who claim communication at a distance with a UFO source report that telepathic contact was used in an overwhelming majority of cases.
 The same general message permeates over 90% of the millions of words received by thousands of people around the world.
 I have been able to experimentally fabricate contactees who, with no prior background in UFO literature, produced the general UFO “doctrine” in detail.
5   Most of my fabricated contactees who have seen a UFO have done so shortly after becoming contactees.
 There are over 100 contactees which have been fabricated in my group. Their backgrounds represent a general sampling of our society with educational levels ranging from grade-school to post-doctoral.
 Over 90% of these fabricated contactees experienced identical physical symptoms during the time of the contact.
8   A single message would sometimes be delivered through a dozen contactees, a part through each one. Though the contactees were of different backgrounds and educational levels, the message would be uniform, of coherent continuity, and largely free from normal errors and hesitations of speech.
Two of my fabricated contactees were given only one day of training before returning to their home some 600 miles away. Their progress was monitored by mail, and the result was still the same.
10   I have found that some people can achieve the contact phenomenon simply by being hypnotized. No preparation or training is necessary for this type of contact. The content of messages received is the same as the great majority of all other contacts.
11   It is not necessary for the fabricated contactees to believe in UFOs or the reality of the contact phenomena to produce the communications. One of my best hypnotic contactees has never believed, and still refuses to countenance, any part of the phenomenon, although her communications have in all cases been excellent and have matched in exact detail the bulk of other contactee material.
12   Several of the contactees, particularly those with extensive training in the physical sciences, maintained a highly objective and somewhat skeptical attitude throughout the experiment and still produced excellent communications, precisely analogous to the bulk of material received.

The process of receiving contact is so simple that it is difficult to adequately describe it. Some people seem to have a terrific natural ability to receive this contact, and some almost none. To receive the contact it is only necessary that a person learn to clear his mind, by any process that seems to work, and then await the contact. I realize that this sounds much too simplistic to yield results. Yet this is the method, if you can call such a simple concept a method, which has produced in my own experimental work many contactees who have produced many thousands of words of standard contactee “doctrine.”