"More wars have been waged, more people killed, and more evil perpetrated in the name of 'God' and religion,

than by any other institutional force in human history.

The sad truth continues in our present day."

Charles Kimball

"Más guerras se han librado, más personas asesinadas, y más mal  se ha perpetrado en nombre de 'Dios' y de la religión,

que por cualquier otra fuerza institucional en la historia de la humanidad.
La triste verdad, sigue en nuestros días".



"Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful".
Seneca The Younger

"La religión es considerada por la gente común como verdadera, por los sabios como falsa, y por los gobernantes como útil".









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 -  Club Atheism?



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 -  Cristianesimo, Gesù e L'Equivalente Pagano


 -  Cristianismo, Jesús y La Conexión Pagana


  - Cuando los Misterios Murieron - Éxtasis e Intolerancia en El Mundo Clásico


  -¿Culto o Fraude? - de '...Y La Verdad Os Hará Libres'



 -  Cult or Con? - from '...And The Truth Shall Set You Free'



 -  ¡Despierte! - Gnosticismo y Budismo en La Matrix


 -  El Culto al Sol y Otros Atajos Hacia Ninguna Parte



 -  El Engaño Final - La Monstruosa Mentira de La Nueva Era



 - ¿Es la Religión una Fuerza para Bien o para Mal?



 -  Falsos Profetas - ¡Desmistificando a Kryon!


 -  Famous Peoples Religious Quotes



 -  Global Religion - La Religion Global - Main File



 -  Gnostics Reveal why Christians Deny UFOs and Extraterrestrial Contacts with Humanity


 -  How Fundamentalist Religion Is Destroying The World


 -  How Religion's Demand for Obedience Keeps Us in The Dark Ages



 -  Isis - Virgin Mother - Virgin Mary


 -  Is Religion a Force for Good or Evil?


 -  Jehovah - Yahweh - YHWH - Adonai - Main File


 -  Judaism and Christianity - Two Thousand Years of Lies - 60 Years of State Terrorism


 -  Krishna Born of A Virgin?


 -  Krishna Crucified?



 -  La Horrible Verdad Acerca de Las Religiones


 -  La Naturaleza del Ser Supremo - de "Los Dioses del Eden"



 -  La Realización Espiritual Pasa por Descubrir que "Dios" No Existe



 -  Las Religiones Inconformistas - de "Los Dioses del Eden"



 -  Las Religiones Son Los Asesinos #1 de Las Almas



 -  La Verdadera Historia del Cristianismo - Main File


 -  Lies, Damned Lies, and Holy Scripture


 -  Life of Buddha


 -  Los Antiguos Dioses y La Historia de La Humanidad



 -  Los Cátaros - Main File



 -  Los Gnósticos Revelan Porqué los Cristianos Niegan los OVNIs y los Contactos Extraterrestres con la Humanidad


 -  L. Ron Hubbard and The Church of Scientology


 -  Lucifer Rising


 -  Mahoma - de "Los Dioses del Eden"


 -  Major Threat to Religion? - Clergy People Coming Out as Atheists


 -  Mantra Meditation Reveals a Hidden Agenda - Are the Gods Alive and Well and Working Towards the 'New World Order'?


 -  María Magdalena... "Bajo el Signo de Ishtar"


 -  Mithras and The Hypercosmic Sun


 -  Mithra - The Pagan Christ


 -  Mitra y el Sol Hipercósmico


 -  Mohammed - from "The Gods Of Eden"


 -  Nine Questions That Atheists Might Find Insulting - and The Answers


 -  Nuestro Señor y Salvador Quetzalcoatl


 -  Old Religious Hegemony, NWO - Jesus to the Palestinians: "Love One Another" / God to the Jews: "Get Rid of the Arabs"


 -  One World Religion - The Aspen Institute and The Club of Rome


 -  Our Lord and Savior Quetzalcoatl


 -  Pathocracy And Religion


 -  Preachers Who Are Not Believers


 -  Proof That Roman Catholicism Is Witchcraft


 -  Quetzalcoatl, The Maya Maize God, and Jesus Christ



 -  Quiénes Fueron Kukulcan y Quetzalcoatl - El Misterio Maya



 -  Raíces del Islam


 -  Raíces Secretas de La Religión


 -  Religion and National Socialism


 -  Religion as An Invisible Eggshell


 -  Religiones - El Lenguaje de Los Dioses de La Ciencia Oculta


 -  Religioni - La Lingua Degli Dei e della Scienza Occulta


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 -  Religión vs. Espiritualidad - ¿Cuál Es La Diferencia?


 -  Religion vs. Spirituality - What's The Difference?


 -  Religions - Wafa Sultan's Message to America


 -  Religious Fundamentalists are Being Played - Saudis, Israelis and Americans are All in Bed Together


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 -  Roots of Islam


 -  Spirituality at The United Nations


 -  Sun Worship and Other Shortcuts to Nowhere


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 -  The Buddha Myth



 -  The Cathars - Main File



 -  The Christmas Hoax - Jesus is NOT The "Reason for The Season"



 -  The Christ Myth



 -  The Entheogenic Theory of Religion


 -  The "Historical" Jesus?



 -  The Horrible Truth About Religion



 -  The Maverick Religions - from "The Gods Of Eden"



 -  The Nature of a Supreme Being - from "The Gods Of Eden"



 -  The New Cult in Washington D.C.


 -  Theocracy - from "War in Heaven - The Invisible College"



 -  The Real History of Christianity - Main File



 -  The Religion of Peace - Myths of Islam



 -  The Religious Conspiracy - from "The Atlantean Conspiracy - Exposing the Illuminati from Atlantis to 2012"


 -  The Root of All Evil


 -  The Truth About A Semitic People...


 -  The Two Creations and Earth Changes - A Little About The History of Gnosticism


 -  The Tyranny of Faith - Reflections on The Death of a Patriarch


 -  The Waldensians - Belief Systems Shattered... - Hiding Magdalene Lineage - Does This Affect You?


 -  Thoth-Hermes / Ningishzidda-Ishkur / Quetzalcoatl-Viracocha - Main File


 -  Wake Up! - Gnosticism and Buddhism in The Matrix


 - "War in Heaven" and the Exploitation through Religion


 -  What Religion Has Done for Us and Why I don’t Belong to Any Religion


 -  Who Were Kukulcan and Quetzalcoatl - The Mayan Mystery


 -  Why Debunk Atheism?



 -  Why do The Maya Believe Christ is The Sun?


 -  Zombies Religiosos



Additional Information


 -  20 Reasons to Abandon Christianity



 -  5 of The Worst 'Religious' Organizations



 -  Abuse Victims Seek International Court Case Against Pope


 -  A.D. - After Disclosure - Living with The Truth of Alien Contact


 -  Algunos Elementos y Símbolos del Mito Cristiano


 -  Aliens, Lies and Religions - An Interview With Paul Von Ward


 -  A los Buscadores de La Verdad - Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi


 -  Amazing Grace - The Coming of the Cassiopaeans


 -  American Churches Astronomically Aligned - Archaeologist Says...


 -  America's Holy Crusade Against The Muslim World


 -  Anatomy of a One World Religion?


 -  Are Aliens Manipulating Us Through Religion?


 -  Astro-Theology - from "The Atlantean Conspiracy - Exposing the Illuminati from Atlantis to 2012"


 -  Astro-Theology of The Ancients



 -  Atis - Nacido de Una Virgen el 25 de Diciembre, Crucificado y Resucitado al Tercer Día


 -  A Través de El Ojo del Corazón - Abordando el Gnosticismo


 -  A Través de un Lente Gnóstico - Perspectivas sobre la Guerra contra el Terrorismo, Desastre Medioambiental y Manipulación Global


 -  At the End of Deception - A Gnostic View of Disclosure



 -  Attis - Born of A Virgin on December 25th, Crucified and Resurrected After Three Days


 -  Attis - Nato da Una Vergine il 25 Dicembre, Crocifisso e Risorto Dopo Tre Giorni


 -  Awaken to The Truth of Your Genetic Heritage, People of Earth - Neil Freer Interview


 -  Beware of "Defamation of Religion" Censorship!


 -  Beyond Good and Evil - Marshall Rosenberg On Creating a Nonviolent World


 -  Bible Morality or Depravity?



 -  Biomisticismo y El Futuro de La Humanidad



 -  Biomysticism and The Future of Humanity



 -  Buddhism - The Truly Peaceful Religion?


 -  Cargo of The Gods?



 -  Child Abuse Scandals - DOSSIER - Ratzinger, Benedict XVI, The Catholic Church


 -  Christmas and The Ancient Winter Festivals of Light Around The World


 -  Conclusion of The Christ Conspiracy


 -  Corruption of The Demiurge - Ego Entitization of The Demiurge is The Adversary


 -  Cosmic Drama - God's Dream


 -  Cults


 -  Cults & Mind Control


 -  Da Vinci Code - Main File



 -  Del Porqué la Espiritualidad Es Una Forma de Vida Que Conduce a La Claridad


  - Del Porqué ya No Soy un 'Trabajador de La Luz'


 -  Despite a No-Show From Jesus This Spring Some Christians Won't Stop Believing - The Awaited Return And The...


 -  Die Bibel, Sex und Drogen


 -  Does The Old Testament Foster Corruption?


 -  D.R. - Después de La Revelación - Viviendo con La Verdad del Contacto Alienígena


 -  Easter - Christian or Pagan?


 -  Easter - The Resurrection of Spring


 -  Effects on Humanity by Manipulative Extraterrestrials - Peter Tremblay - Main File


 -  El Advenimiento de Ahriman - Un Ensayo Sobre las Fuerzas Profundas Detrás de la Crisis Mundial


 -  El "Casco de Dios", Las Tormentas Solares y Los Campos Magnéticos


 -  El Masoquismo de Madre Teresa - ¿La Religión Demanda el Sufrimiento para Mantener Pasiva a la Gente?


 -  El Secreto del Que Nunca Te Enteraste - Pero en Tu Corazón ya Lo Sabías


 -  En el Fin del Patriarcado - Hacia la Síntesis Alquímica de Una Nueva Cultura


 - ¿Estallará una Guerra Religiosa La Declaración del Vaticano de Un Salvador Alienígena?


 - ¿Están los Alienígenas Manipulándonos a Través de la Religión?


 -  E.T. and God - Could Earthly Religions Survive the Discovery of Life Elsewhere in the Universe?


 -  Exopolitics and Religion


 -  Exo-Vaticana - Petrus Romanus, PROJECT LUCIFER, and the Vatican's Astonishing Exo-Theological Plan for The Arrival of An ET 'Savior'


 -  Exo-Vaticana - Petrus Romanus, Proyecto LUCIFER, y el Asombroso Plan Exo-Teológico del Vaticano de la Llegada de un 'Salvador' ET


 -  Expediting The Grand Jihad - The Muslim Brotherhood


 -  Forged Origins of The New Testament



 -  From Godspell to God Games



 -  Geert Wilders's "Fitna - The Movie" - A Review


 -  Global Banks Embrace Islam


 -  Gnostics or Illuminati? - The Origins of the Gnostic Movement


 -  God, Religion and Manipulative Extraterrestrials


 -  God Save Us From Religion - from "Children of The Matrix" by David Icke


 -  Hague Is Asked to Investigate Vatican Over Aexual Abuses


 -  Halloween - La Estación de la Anciana


 -  Halloween - Season of The Crone


 -  Herencia Cristiana - Victimas de La Fe Cristiana - Lista de Víctimas en Nombre de La Iglesia Católica


 -  Holy Wars in Buddhism and Islam


 -  How Islam Failed Me


 -  Il Segreto di Cui Non Ti Sei Mai Accorto - Ma Dentro di Te Già lo Conoscevi



 -  Inside Iran's Sex Slave Industry



 -  Inside The Mormon Church



 -  Is Atheism The Answer?



 -  Is Belief in God Morally Imperative?


 -  Is Buddhism All It's Cracked Up to Be?


 -  Ishtarism Coming Out of the Closet In American Churches!


 -  Is Humanity an Ontologically Homogenous Entity?



 -  Killer's Manifesto - The Politics Behind the Norway Slaughter


 -  Kundalini and The Alien Force - Gnostic and Tantric Practices of Sacred Sexuality


 -  Kundalini y la Fuerza Alienígena - Prácticas Gnósticas y Tántricas de Sexualidad Sagrada


 -  La Biblia, Sexo y Drogas


 -  La Corrupción del Demiurgo - El adversario es creación de entidades del Ego del Demiurgo


 -  La Evolución de Dios


 -  La Gnosis Según Montalk


 -  La Santa Cruzada de Estados Unidos Contra El Mundo Musulmán


 -  Las Raíces Religiosas del Superpoder Estadounidense


 -  La Tiranía Escondida - Entrevista en 1976 a Harold W. Rosenthal


 -  Leaked North Korean Documentary ‘Exposes Western Propaganda - And It’s Scary How True It Is


 -  Lo Religioso en La Farsa Cósmica


 -  Los Extraterrestres y Dios - ¿Podrían las Religiones Terrestres Sobrevivir al Descubrimiento de la Vida en Otra Parte en...


 -  Los Rezos de Una No-Creyente


 -  Lucis (Lucifer) Trust - Main File


 -  Manipulative Extraterrestrials Appear to Use Religion and Capitalism to Control Humanity


 -  Manipulative Extraterrestrials May Have Genetically Engineered Racial Groups to Inspire a Eugenic Social...


 -  Marx, Moisés y los Paganos en la Ciudad Secularizada


 -  Mass Graves of Children in Canada - A Special Report from The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State


 -  Mesopotamians And Their Gods


 -  Meteorites in History and Religion


 -  Mind-Control Via Religion - extracted from 'Blue Blood, True Blood, Conflict and Creation'


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 -  Monotheism, Inc. - Chart


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 -  New Wineskins, Old Vinegar - Mankind Doomed to Repeat Mistakes


 -  Noah - The Bloodline of The 'Watchers' and the Beginning of The 'End'


 -  Notes for 'War in Heaven'


 -  No Es una 'Apuesta Segura' Creer en Dios


 -  No Time For Jihads or Crusades


 -  Obama Reaction To Norway Massacre Betrays US "War on Terror" Fundamentalism


 -  Para Los Que Esperan a Su Mesías


 -  Pathocracy and Religion - from "The Nature of Evil"


 -  Peaceful Countries Do Not Celebrate Thanksgiving


 -  Principles of Zen


 -  Quotes to "Illuminate" You - A "Gift of Love" from Three Mayor Religions


 -  Rabino Judío Habla La Verdad Sobre El Genocidio Contra Los Palestinos y Gaza


 -  Ratzinger a.k.a. Pope Benedict XVI - Main File


 -  Reflections on Religion and Exopolitics



 -  Religión, Ateísmo y Pensamiento Dogmático


 -  Religion, Atheism and Dogmatic Thinking



 -  Religione, Ateismo e Pensiero Dogmatico



 -  Religiones y Evidencia de Una Antigua Civilización Global



 -  Religions and Evidence of An Ancient Global Civilization


 -  Religious Motifs in Technological Posthumanism


 -  Researchers Suggest Iraq War Was Centrally Motivated From an Extraterrestrial-Inspired Religion


 -  Reuniting The Spiritual and The Practical Through Activism


 -  San Jorge y La Rosa de... Isis



 -  Science Versus Religion - The Debate Comes to The 'NIH'



 -  Search for The Mind of 'God'


 -  Secretos Ocultos del Vaticano Acerca de la Creación del Profeta Mahoma - Alberto Rivera, Ex Sacerdote Jesuita


 -  Secret Vatican Briefings on The Creation of Prophet Muhammad - Alberto Rivera, Former Jesuit Priest


 -  Segreti Occulti del Vaticano su La Creazione del Profeta Maometto - Alberto Rivera, ex Sacerdote Gesuita


 -  SETI and The Religions of Extraterrestrials - 'O give ye praise Europans'



 -  Sexo y Erotismo en El Convento - El Sexo y El Erotismo en Los Monasterios Femeninos


 -  Sex, Sharia and Women In The History of Islam


 -  Sinister Sites - St. John The Divine Cathedral


 -  Some Elements and Symbols of The Christian Myth


 -  Some Present Table/Worship Spaces in The World


 -  Source of Bible Covenant With God Discovered?


 -  'Stop Abusing Women in The Name of God' - Jimmy Carter


 -  “Suns of God - Krishna, Buddha and Christ Unveiled” - Extracts


 -  The Advent of Ahriman - An Essay on the Deep Forces behind the World-Crisis


 -  The Anti-Christ - Main File


 -  The Archons - Los Arcontes - Main File


 -  'The Bible Fraud' Related Reports



 -  The Bible, Sex and Drugs



 -  'The Christ Conspiracy' in the Huffington Post


 -  The Church of Malthus - Haters of Humanity


 -  The Climate Religion and Copenhagen I


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 -  The Crooked Cross and The Cross - Nazism and Christianity


 -  The Dark History of The Vatican - Main File


 -  The Despoiling of America - How George W. Bush Became The Head of The New American Dominionist Church/State


 -  The Earth Charter and The Ark of The Gaia Covenant


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 - "The Family" - Main File


 -  The "Family" - Who Really Is Behind This Secret Organization?


 -  The Gnosis by Montalk


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 -  The Great Noah's Ark Hoax


 -  The Hidden Tyranny - The Harold Wallace Rosenthal Interview 1976



 -  The History of Mythicism



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 -  The Making of A Myth - A Monotheistic Religion


 -  The Messiah Complex and Jerusalem Syndrome - Dangerous Delusions


 -  The Muslim Brotherhood - Main File


 -  The Norway Terrorist Attack - "News Without Facts" - "Experts" on Jihad and "Muslim Terrorism"


 -  The Patriarchs And Saints Are The Gods of Other Cultures


 -  The Prayers of A Non-Believer


 -  The Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion


 -  The Real Tomb of God - The Grail, the Ark, the Emerald Tablet, and the Forgotten Father of Mankind


 -  The Secret History of Rock 'N' Roll


 -  The Secret You Never Get to Hear - But in Your Heart, You Already Know


 -  The Shadow of The Dalai Lama - Sexuality, Magic and Politics in Tibetan Buddhism


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 -  The World's Sixteen Crucified Saviors


 -  Through The Eye of The Heart - Approaching Gnosticism


 -  Transmisión sobre Las Religiones del Mundo


 -  Últimos Acontecimientos Cristianos...


 -  Uno de Los Lados Negativos de La Religión - Impacto de Las Creencias en La Salud


 -  U.S. Says NO to United Nations' Anti-Free Speech Effort


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 -  What is Mythicism?



 -  When Was The First Christmas?


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 -  Why It's Not a 'Safe Bet' to Believe in God



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 -  World's Oldest Observatory Found?





 -  ¡Defendámonos de Los Dioses! - por Salvador Freixedo



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 -  El Holocausto Canadiense - Ocultado de la Historia - por Kevin D. Annett


 -  El Profeta - Alberto Rivera


 -  Holy Blood, Holy Grail - by  Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh, and Henry Lincoln


 -  Is It God's Word? - by Joseph Wheless



 -  La Gran Manipulación Cósmica - Las Fronteras de Lo Irracional - por Juan G. Atienza


 -  La Religión Prohibida - por José María Herrou Aragón


 -  Los Dioses del Eden - The Gods of Eden - por William Bramley


 -  Notes for Salman Rushdie - The Satanic Verses - by Paul Brians


 -  Occult Theocrasy - by Lady Queenborough (Edith Starr Miller)



 -  Sacred Symbols of Mu - by James Churchward


 -  The Age of Reason - by Thomas Paine


 -  The Canadian Holocaust - Hidden From History - by Kevin D. Annett



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 -  Aquarius - The Age of Evil - A Religious Analysis or Religious Propaganda?


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