The Trilateralists existed secretly several years BEFORE 1973. The name of the Trilateral Commission was taken from the alien flag known as the "Trilateral Insignia"

William Cooper

The Secret Government and The Origin, Identity and Purpose of MJ-12








 -  1979 Interview With George S. Franklin, Jr. - Coordinator of The Trilateral Commission


 -  Are The 'Banksters' Wrecking The Global Economy Through The Trilateral Commission?


 -  Athanasios Strigas is an Agent of NATO and the Trilateral Commission


 -  La Comision Trilateral - El Sistema Financiero Mundial y Sus Núcleos De Poder


 -  Obama - Trilateral Commission Endgame


 -  Serbs are Members of The Trilateral Commission


 -  The Trilateral Commission 2003



 -  The Trilateral Commission 2006 - February 2006 Executive Committee



 -  The Trilateral Commission - A Council on Foreign Relations Front Organization

 -  Trilateral Commission - February 2006 Members and Organization



 -  Trilateral Commission Influence in The Eurozone



 -  Trilateral Commission Members



 -  Trilateral Commission Reaches Out To Others 


 -  Trilateral Commission - World Shadow Government


 -  Trilateral Geithner - Corrupted Regulator?


 -  Trilateral Talking Heads - Biden, Bernanke and PBS Drone, Lehrer


 -  Trilateralismo


 -  Una Oligarchia Detiene Il Potere Politico Negli Stati Uniti - La Commissione Trilaterale Domina il Governo Obama


 -  Una Oligarquía Tiene El Poder Político en Los EE.UU. - La Comisión Trilateral Domina El Gobierno de Obama


 -  Usurping Sovereignty - The Trilateral Commission


 -  Who is Running America?


 -  Zbigniew Brzezinski and The Trilateral Commission - Main File



Additional Information


 -  America Plundered by The Global Elite


 -  Brief Description of The Elite Conspiracy - The Bilderbergs, Council on Foreign Relations, and Trilateral Commission


 -  Global Power and Global Government


 -  National Infrastructure Bank - Another Trilateral Ripoff?



 -  The Global Elite - Who Are They?


 -  The Hard Road to World Order



Books - Treatises


 -  Pentagon Aliens - Formerly 'Space Aliens From The Pentagon' - by William R. Lyne

 -  The Crisis of Democracy - Report to The Trilateral Commission - by M. J. Crozier, Samuel. P. Huntington, J. Watanuki

 -  Trilaterals Over America - by Antony C. Sutton



 -  Trilaterals Over Washington - by Antony C. Sutton and Patrick M. Wood





 -  The Trilateral Commission - Analysis by Patrick Wood



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