Cosmos can be defined as a complex and orderly system, such as our Universe; the opposite of Chaos. It is the Universe regarded as an ordered system. The philosopher Pythagoras is regarded as the first person to apply the term cosmos (Greek κόσμος) to the order of the Universe.


En su sentido más general un Cosmo es un sistema ordenado y armonioso. Se origina del término griego "κόσμος", que significa orden u ornamentos, y es la antítesis del Caos. Se le suele utilizar como sinónimo de Universo (considerando el orden que éste posee).

Cuando esta palabra se usa como término absoluto, significa todo lo que existe, incluyendo lo que se ha descubierto y lo que no.


El Cosmos es todo lo que es, o lo que fue, o lo que alguna vez será.
Carl Sagan









 -  A Diamond Bigger Than Earth? - New Planet Discovered


 -  A Diamond Planet? - The Diamond Fields of The Mind


 -  A "Double" of The Milky Way



 -  A Galactic Fairy Ring



 -  A Galaxy With its Tail in A Knot


 -  Agua Mas Allá de La Tierra - Main File


 -  Agujeros Negros en Nuestra Galaxia - Main File


 -  'Alien' Planet Detected Circling Dying Star


 -  Alien Planet May Have Come From Another Galaxy


 -  Alpha Centauri - Nearest Star System to The Sun


 -  A Possible Carbon-Rich Interior in Super-Earth '55 Cancri-e'



 -  Asteroids, Comets and Meteorites - Main File



 -  Astro-Metrics of Undiscovered Planets


 -  A Strong Magnetic Field Around the Supermassive Black Hole at The Centre of The Galaxy


 -  Astronomers Find Enormous Hole in The Universe


 -  Astrosciences - Exploring The Mysteries Of The Universe


 -  Awesome New Image of Horsehead Nebula in Infrared


 -  Biocosm - The New Scientific Theory of Evolution - Intelligent Life is the Architect of the Universe


 -  Binary Stars - Does Our Sun Have a Dark Companion?


 -  Black Holes in Our Galaxy - Main File



 -  Brown Dwarfs - Main File



 -  Cambios Dramáticos en Nuestro Sol - Main File


 -  Canciones del Lejano Universo - El Sonido de una Explosión de Rayos-Gama Fermi


 -  Carl Sagan - Main File


 -  Cassini Images - Bizarre Hexagon on Saturn


 -  Cassini-Solstice Titan Flyby


 -  Ceres - The Smallest and Closest Dwarf Planet


 -  CFBDSIR2149-0403 - A 4-7 Jupiter-Mass Free-Floating Planet in The Young Moving Group AB Doradus?


 -  Científicos Encuentran un Universo Anterior al Nuestro


 -  Cinturon de Fotones - Main File


 -  Collapse of The Universe is Closer than Ever Before


 -  Cometary Impact on Neptune


 -  Concentric Circles in WMAP Data May Provide Evidence of Violent pre-Big-Bang Activity


 -  Cosmic Blobs



 -  Dark Matter - Darkness Cannot Drive Out Darkness



 -  Dark Satellites



 -  Daughters of Pleione


 -  David Bohm and The Holographic Paradigm - Main File


 -  David Bohm y El Paradigma Holografico - Main File



 -  Dead Star Crashes May Spark Mysterious Cosmic Explosions - A Kilonova



 -  Dead Stars 'Polluted' With Planetary Debris - Signs of Earth-Like Planets Found


 -  Descarga Desde El Núcleo de Una Galaxia Activa



 -  Descubren Una Galaxia Inmutable Desde Hace Dos Mil Millones de Años



 -  Discharge From The Core of Active Galaxy - Criss-Cross Bulge



 -  Discovered Earth-Size Alien Planet at Alpha Centauri is Closest Ever Seen


 -  Dramatic Changes in Our Sun - Main File


 -  Earth Changes - Main File


 -  Earth Must Have Another Moon - Say Astronomers


 -  Earth's Gold Came from Colliding Dead Stars


 -  Electric Helix - Helix Nebula and Its Electrical Structure


 -  Electric Spheres - Globular Clusters Around The Milky Way


 -  Electric Universe - Main File


 -  El Paso del Cambio - ¿Qué Está Pasando y Qué Va A Pasar?


 -  El Sistema Solar Entra en Un Calentamiento Global


 -  El Universo Devela su Mas Profundo Secreto


 -  El Universo nos Oculta de Dónde Procede el 80% de su Luz - "Algo Anda Mal"


 -  Encuentran un Ión Fundamental para el Agua en Varias Nebulosas Planetarias


 -  Estado Planetofisico de La Tierra y La Vida


 -  Estrellas Amarillas


 -  Far Distance Run Around - Redshift Theory Inhibits New Research Into The Age and Size of The Universe


 -  First-Ever Model Simulation of The Structuring of The Observable Universe


 -  Forces of The Universe - Main File


 -  Fotografían Impacto de Cometa en Neptuno


 -  Fuerzas del Universo - Main File


 -  Galactic Center Survey - Chandra Takes In The Bright Lights, Big City of The Milky Way


 -  Galactic Federations and Councils - Main File


 -  Galactic Umbilicus - The Milky Way Is Connected to The Rest of The Universe


 -  Galaxy Is Rich In Small, Earth-Like Planets


 -  Galaxy Map Hints at Fractal Universe


 -  Gamma Rays from Galactic Center Could Be Evidence of Dark Matter


 -  Giant Stealth Planet May Explain Rain of Comets from Solar System's Edge


 -  Globular Clusters on A Plane


 -  Have We Found the Universe that Existed Before the Big Bang?


 -  Higgs Data Could Spell Trouble for Leading Big Bang Theory


 -  Holographic Universe - Main File


 -  Hyperdimensions - Main File


 -  Iapetus - Moon with a View


 -  Just Four Percent of Galaxies Have Neighbors Like The Milky Way


 -  La Estructura del Universo


 -  La Teoria de Gaia - Main File


 -  La Tierra en El Sistema Solar


 -  La Voyager 1 Alcanza Una Sorprendente Frontera de Tranquilidad en El Espacio Interestelar


 -  Life in The Universe - Main File


 -  Lost in Space - Rogue Planet Spotted?


 -  Luna - Main File


 -  Marte - Main File


 -  Meet The Solar System's Dwarf Planets


 -  Mercury Update - Data from The MESSENGER Probe



 -  Missing Matter Caught in Tangled Cosmic Webs


 -  Moons of Our Solar System - Main File


 -  Mysterious Spot on Uranus - Something Has Exploded In a Spectacular Fashion


 -  Nearest Hypervelocity Star Found Speeding Through Space at 1 Million mph


 -  New Planet Found in Our Solar System?


 -  New Universes - Main File


 -  Nibiru - El Planeta X - Main File


 -  Nox Aeterna - Do So-Called "Accretion Disks" Around Presumptive Black Holes Generate Gamma-Rays?


 -  Nuevos Universos - Main File


 -  Odd Star Reveals Magnetic Field Around Milky Way's Monster Black Hole



 -  One of Our Sun's Long-lost Sister Stars has finally Been Found, and She's Pretty Close By


 -  Open Cluster


 -  Our Busy Solar System - What is NASA Hiding? - Get Ready for What's Coming!


 -  Our Milky Way Galaxy On Collision Course with Huge Gas Cloud - 40 Million Years from Now...


 -  Our Universe May Exist in a Multiverse - Cosmic Inflation Discovery Suggests


 -  Phaethon Confirmed as Rock-Comet by STEREO Vision


 -  PHOBOS - A Strange "Thing"... - Main File


 -  Planetophysical State of The Earth and Life


 -  Planets As Consciousness Unit Formations



 -  Planets Can Survive a Star's Supernova by 'Being Flung Out to Roam The Galaxy'


 -  Plasma Physics, Space Research and The Origin of The Solar System



 -  Pleiades and Stardust



 -  Puzzling X-Rays from Jupiter


 - ¿Qué Significa la Inflación del Universo?


 -  Revelaciones y Reveladores del Gran Secreto del Cosmos - Main File


 -  Saturn’s Storm, Earth’s Unrest... and Science’s Silence


 -  Second Solar System Like Ours Discovered


 -  Sirius - La Estrella Azul - Main File


 -  SOHO Project - Main File


 -  Solaria Binaria - Origins and History of The Solar System


 -  Solar System's Milky Way Neighborhood Upgraded


 -  Solar System Weather Report


 -  Songs from A Distant Universe - The Sound of a Fermi Gamma-ray Burst


 - "Son of Marduk" - Mercury's Tail Looks Like a Filamentary Structure


 -  Son of Zeus - Messenger Spacecraft's Scientific Mission on Mercury


 -  Space Cloud Ripped Apart by Milky Way's Giant Black Hole


 -  Spherical Energy Structures in The Cosmos


 -  Stargates - Main File


 -  Stars That Bend Time


 -  Star Systems


 -  Stellar Metamorphosis - An Alternative for the Star Sciences


 -  Stellar Shedding - Some Stars Shed Their Atmospheres at A Furious Rate


 -  Terraforming and Planetary Engineering - Main File



 -  The Antennae Galaxies - Tuning in A New Signal



 -  The Chilbolton 'Arecibo Message' - Main File


 -  The Collision Between The Milky Way And Andromeda


 -  The Cygnus Mystery - Main File



 -  The Dragon's Den



 -  The Dragon's Den - Saturn's Atmosphere Erupts in Spectacular Fashion



 -  The Dust of Creeds Outworn - Collapsed Stars, Exploding Stars, Windy Stars, and Dusty Stars Call for Missing Element: Electricity


 -  The Electrical Etching of Mercury



 -  The Electric Sun - Main File



 -  The Energetic Transformation of The Solar System


 -  The First Kepler Seven Planet Candidate System - Planet Hunters VI

 -  The Globular Cluster System of The Milky Way - Accretion in A Cosmological Context


 -  The Many Faces of Venus


 -  The Message of The Pulsars - Main File


 -  The "Milky Way" and Our Galactic Neighborhood


 -  The Minimum-Mass Extrasolar Nebula - In-Situ Formation of Close-In Super-Earths


 -  The Passage of Change - What is Happening and What is Going to Happen?


 -  The Photon Belt - Main File


 -  The Photon Underproduction Crisis


 -  The Shape-Shifting Southern Vortex of Venus


 -  The Space Phenomenon of The Great Ribbon


 -  The 'Spiral Galaxy' at Saturn's Pole


 -  The Theory of Gaia - Main File


 -  The Unconventional Views of James M. McCanney - Main File


 -  The Universal Heartbeat


 -  The Universe Gives Up Its Deepest Secret


 -  The Whole Solar System is Undergoing Global Warming


 -  Un 'Doble' de La Vía Láctea


 -  Un Nuevo Planeta Desafía Los Modelos de Formación Planetaria


 -  Venus Isn't Our Twin!


 -  Venus Will Transit The Sun


 -  Vida en El Universo - Main File


 -  Voyager 1 Reaches Surprisingly Calm Boundary of Interstellar Space


 -  Water Beyond Earth - Main File


 -  Windy Galaxies


 -  WISE Telescope Confirms Nibiru a Rogue Planet Outside of Neptune


 -  Wheels Within Wheels - Celestial Bodies


 -  X-Rays From A Reborn Planetary Nebula



Additional Information


 -  A Distant System of Planets in Proximity to One Another Challenges Current Theories - A Mystifying Menagerie

 -  A Gas Cloud on Its Way Towards The Super-Massive Black Hole in The Galactic Centre


 -  Agujeros Negros y Pequeños Universos


 -  A Most Hyperdimensional Eclipse and Final Venus Transit


 -  A New Look at Saturn’s Northern Hexagon


 -  A Planetary System as The Origin of Structure in Fomalhaut’s Dust Belt  


 -  Apollo 10 Gets Glimpse of an Extraterrestrial Monolith in Space  


 -  Are We Really All Made of Stars?


 -  Arguments for the Presence of a Distant Large Undiscovered Solar System Planet


 -  A Scientific Blueprint for Ascension


 -  At The Earth's Core - The Geophysics of Planetary Evolution


 -  Before the Big Bang, There Was..., What?


 -  Bob Lazar, Element 115, Massive Stars and Heavy Metals



 -  Comienza en Chile La Búsqueda de La Energía Oscura



 -  Consciousness And The Conscious Universe - Main File


 -  Constatan La Existencia de Una 'Música de Las Galaxias'


 -  Cosa Sappiamo del Nostro Sistema Solare? - Quasi Nulla


 -  Cosmic Explorers - Scientific Remote Viewing, Extraterrestrials, and a Message for Mankind


 -  Cosmic Voyage - A Scientific Discovery of Extraterrestrials Visiting Earth


 -  Dark Energy Survey Launches



 - ¿De Qué Está Hecho el Universo? - De Matemáticas, dice Científico


 -  Detection of The Galactic Haze With Planck - Planck intermediate results - IX



 -  Di Cosa è fatto l'Universo? - Di Matematica, dice uno Scienziato



 -  Divine Cosmos



 -  Do "Outside Forces" Affect Our Planet?


 -  Earth-Size Planet to Be Found in Outer Solar System?



 -  El Mundo Artificial en Que Vivimos


 -  El Universo Físico es Un Sistema de Información


 -  Escape From the Universe


 - ¿Es el Gran Aumento de "Burbujas en El Espacio" Una Prueba del Cambio Energético?


 - ¿Estará La NASA Rastreando El Cambio Cósmico? - El Cinturón de Fotones


 -  Exotic Atoms Hold Clues to Unsolved Physics Puzzle at The Dawn of The Universe


 -  Exponiendo Los Hechos - 2012 - El Verdadero Cambio Climático


 -  Galactic-Bursts Signatures in Antarctica - 10Be Spectra Reveal Cosmogenesis of Climate Switching


 -  Galactic Geysers Fuelled by Star Stuff - International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research


 -  Gamma-Ray Detectives Close In on 30-Year-Old Mystery


 -  Geoengineering, Chemtrails, HAARP, World Orders, Time Lines and Ascension


 -  Geoingeniería, Estelas Químicas, HAARP, Ordenes Mundiales, Líneas del Tiempo y Ascensión

 -  Giant Magnetized Outflows from The Centre of The Milky Way


 -  Giant Propellers Discovered In Saturn's Rings


 -  Global Warming - An Official Pseudoscience... - Main File


 -  Hollow Planets - Main File


 -  Huge Solar Storms to Impact Earth


 -  Interlocking Resonance Patterns in Galaxy Discs


 -  International Beam Team' Solves Martian Meteorite-Age Puzzle


 -  Is NASA Tracking The Cosmic Shift? - The Photon Belt


 -  Jupiter's New Red Spot


 -  La Colonización del Cosmos Es un Paso Necesario para La Humanidad - dice Daniel Estulin


 -  La NASA Anuncia Resultados de Un Épico Experimento Espacio-Tiempo


 -  La NASA Está Desconcertada por Enorme Campo Magnético


 -  La Perturbación de Sagitario - La Falsa Supernova y La Búsqueda de Nibiru


 -  La Teoría del Universo Biocéntrico - La Vida Crea el Tiempo, el Espacio y el Propio Cosmos


 -  Left Guessing - Left-Handed Molecules Among The Building Blocks of Life



 -  Life in The Universe - Stephen Hawking



 -  Los Extremos se Tocan Cuando el Mundo Nano Encuentra el Cosmos


 -  Metastudy of The Spiral Structure of Our Galaxy


 -  Minisolar System Coming to Us - Disturbing Information from Astrophysicist Jim McCanney

 -  Moon's Origin and Purpose - Main File


 -  Multiverse - Main File



 -  Mysterious and Well-Preserved Oort Cloud Object Heading Into Our Solar System


 -  Mysterious Charged Particles in Our Galaxy - Objects at The Edge of The Electromagnetic Spectrum


 -  Mystery of the Cosmic Thunderbolt - Main File


 -  NASA Announces Results of Epic Space-Time Experiment


 -  NASA Mystified by Enormous Energy Field


 -  Neutrinos and 2012


 -  NGC1277 - A Massive Compact Relic Galaxy in the Nearby Universe


 - ¿Nibiru, Júpiter o La Luna? - Fotografías del 27 de Diciembre de 2009 en Madrid a Las 12:00 Horas

 -  Observations of Gamma-Ray Bursts of Cosmic Origin


 -  On The States of Physical Space


 -  Origen de la Vida y del Hombre - Main File


 -  Origen y Propósito de La Luna - Main File


 -  Princeton University Astrobiology Certificate Explores Potential for Extraterrestrial Life


 -  Project LUCAS - Borderland Sciences SETI Project


 - ¿Qué Es Lo Que Sabemos Acerca de Nuestro Sistema Solar? - Casi Nada…


 -  Ragnarok - The Age of Fire and Gravel


 -  Richard C. Hoagland - Main File


 -  Russia Orders Missile Alert After Mysterious 'Vortex' Slams Into Germany


 -  Search for The Mind of 'God'


 -  Searching for Interstellar Communications


 -  Sedna - A Clue to Nibiru


 -  Sedna - Astronomers Discover 'New Planet'


 -  Sedna Photo Gallery dated 15 March 2004


 -  Severe Space Weather Events - Understanding Societal and Economic Impacts


 -  Smoking Gun or Smoldering Embers? A Possible r-process Kilonova Associated with the Short-Hard GRB 130603B


 -  Solar Storms and Earth's Electric Grid - Main File



 -  Space Farming - The Final Frontier


 -  Spacequakes Rumble Near Earth



 -  Super-Massive Black Hole Will 'Eat' Gas Cloud


 -  Supernovae - Vehicle of Ascension?


 -  The Bar and Spiral Structure Legacy (BeSSeL) Survey - Mapping the Milky Way with VLBI Astrometry


 -  The Biocentric Universe Theory - Life Creates Time, Space, and the Cosmos Itself

 -  The Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction - Why and How the World Economic Order Will Collapse in 2011


 -  The Exploded Planet Hypothesis – 2000


 -  The Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction


 -  The Dark Star Theory - La Teoria del Planeta Oscuro - Main File


 -  The Doubling Theory - Corrects The Titius-Bode Law and Defines The Fine Structure Constant in The Solar System


 -  The Great Comet Venus



 -  The Harmonic Conquest of Space


 -  The Lucifer Project - Galileo and Cassini Space Probes makers of...  - Main File


 -  The Multiverse  - Main File


 -  The Origin of The Elements


 -  The Peculiar Photometric Properties of 2010 WG9 - A Slowly-Rotating Trans-Neptunian Object from the Oort Cloud


 -  The Physical Universe Is An Information System


 -  The Population of Natural Earth Satellites


 -  The Sombrero Galaxy


 -  The Truth


 -  The Tunguska Event - Main File


 -  The Universal Law - The General Theory of Physics and Cosmology


 - “The Universe is Obsolete - A Gallery of Multiverse Theories



 -  Twisted Pairs - Remote Galaxy Host Two Black Holes


 -  Un Misterioso Objeto de La Nube de Oort se Dirige al Sistema Solar


 -  Un Oggetto Misterioso della Nube di Oort si Dirige verso il Sistema Solare


 -  Un Patrón Científico Para la Ascensión


 -  Vast Increase in "Space Bubbles" Proof of Energetic Change?


 -  Voyager Hace Un Descubrimiento Interestelar


 -  What Do We Know About Our Solar System? Next to Nothing...


 -  What is Ascension? Is It Real? If So, Am I Gonna Make It?



 -  What's The Total Energy in The Universe?



 -  What's the Universe Made Of? - Mathematics, Says Scientist


 -  White and Grey Holes in Astrophysics



Brown Dwarfs - Enanas Marrones


 -  Astronomers Announce First Clear Evidence of a Brown Dwarf


 -  Bright X-Rays - Dim Dwarfs



 -  Brown Dwarfs



 -  Enanas Marrones



 -  Mysterious Planet-like Object Challenges Simple Definition - Reveals Its Surprising Identity

 -  Supportive Evidence for a Brown Dwarf Solar Companion - by John J. Matese


 -  The Nemesis Theory - Main File


 -  Wide Binary Brown Dwarfs Reveal Their Secrets



Exoplanets and Habitable Planets


 -  60 Billion Alien Planets Could Support Life - Study Suggests


 -  Alien Life on Earth-Like Planets 'Far More Widespread than Previously Believed

 -  An Earth-Sized Planet in the Habitable Zone of a Cool Star


 -  Another Earth Just 12 Light-Years Away?


 -  Astronomers Estimate 100 Billion Habitable Earth-like Planets in The Milky Way - 50 Sextillion in The Universe


 -  By 2020, we’ll 'Finally' have The Ability to Locate Life-Harboring Alien Planets

 -  Circumstellar Habitable Zones for Deep Terrestrial Biospheres

 -  Does the Rapid Appearance of Life on Earth Suggest that Life is Common in The Universe?


 -  Earth-Like Planets Are Right Next Door


 -  Exoplanet Habitability


 -  Extending the Planetary Mass Function to Earth Mass by Microlensing at Moderately High Magnification


 -  Extragalactic Exoplanet Found Hiding Out in Milky Way


 -  First Direct Photos of Exoplanets - In an Astronomy First, Researchers Image Exoplanets Orbiting Two Stars


 -  First Potential Habitable Exoplanet in a Six-Planet Star System


 -  First Potentially Habitable Earth-Sized Planet Discovered


 -  Kepler-186f - Close to Earth Size, in the Habitable Zone


 -  Gliese 163C - Newfound Alien Planet in Habitable Zone Might Be Able to Support Life


 -  Global Risks 2013 and X Factor - The Disturbing Report by The World Economic Forum

 -  Habitable-Zone Super-Earth Candidate in A Six-Planet System Around The K2.5V Star HD 40307


 -  Has NASA Discovered Extraterrestrial Life?


 -  Is This The New Earth? - Astronomers Discover Planet Just 20 Light Years Away


 -  Jupiter's Europa Moon 'Likeliest to Have Life'


 -  Kepler Confirms First Exoplanet in Habitable Region - The Exopolitical Impact


 -  Kepler Spies Water Worlds - Pair of Exoplanets Sit in Habitable Zone of Star Far Beyond The Solar System


 -  More Evidence That Gliese 581 Has Planets in The Habitable Zone


 -  NASA Confirms 768 New Exoplanets Making Extraterrestrial Life More Likely


 -  NASA's Kepler Space Telescope Spots Distant Planets Well Placed for Life


 -  NASA Telescope Confirms Alien Planet in Habitable Zone


 -  New Kepler Data Could Change our Odds of Meeting Aliens


 -  New Study Claims ET Life Can Exist Inside Planets with Inhospitable Surfaces


 -  Odds of Finding Alien Life Boosted by Billions of Habitable Worlds


 -  Red Dwarf Stars May Be Best Chance for Habitable Alien Planets


 -  Riesgos Globales 2013 y Factores X - El Inquietante Informe del Foro Económico Mundial


 -  Scientists Discover a Nearly Earth-Sized Planet


 -  Search for E.T. Should Extend Beyond 'Alien Earths' - Astronomer Says


 -  Super-Earth Detected in Star's Habitable Zone


 -  Tau Ceti e - Another Interstellar Target?


 -  The Habitability of Our Earth and Other Earths - Astrophysical, Geochemical, Geophysical, Biological Limits on Planet Habitability

 -  The Occurrence Rate of Small Planets Around Small Stars


 -  Two Planets Identified As Most Similar to Earth - Both Orbit The Same Star, 20 Light-Years From Earth, Called Gliese 581

 -  Validation of Kepler’s Multiple Planet Candidates - III - Light Curve Analysis & Announcement of Hundreds of New Multi-planet Systems


 -  Alien Earths and Worlds


 -  Mundos Extraterretres



Space Odyssey



 -  2001 - A Space Odyssey - Complementary Information



 -  2010 - The Year We Make Contact




 -  2001 - A Space Odyssey - by Arthur C. Clarke


 -  2010 - Odyssey Two - by Arthur C. Clarke




 -  2001 - A Space Odyssey


 -  2010 - The Year We Make Contact





 - "Cosmos" by Carl Sagan



 -  El Desarrollo De La Luz - por Rodney Collin



 -  El Universo En Una Cáscara de Nuez - por Stephen Hawking


 -  The Forbidden Universe - by Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince



 -  The Ringmakers of Saturn - by Norman R. Bergrun





 -  2001 - A Space Odyssey


 -  2010 - The Year We Make Contact


 -  A Big Bang Some 14 Billion Years Ago? - What Happened Before That?


 -  Aliens - Into The Universe With Stephen Hawking


 -  Asteroid Collision Video


 -  Celestial Demo


 -  Conspiracy of Science - Earth is In Fact Growing


 -  Cosmic and Earth Changes - LaViolette's Theory of Galactic Superwave - Earth Under Fire

 -  Cosmos


 -  Cosmos - A Personal Voyage - Carl Sagan


 - "Cosmos" - de Carl Sagan


 -  Electricity Hiding Behind 'Dark Matter'?


 -  El Universo a Través el Hubble


 -  Ese Pequeño Punto Azul Palido - The Pale Blue Dot - Carl Sagan


 -  Everything and Nothing - The True Size and Shape of The Universe


 -  First Animal to Survive in Space


 -  Frontiers of Deep Space - Hubble's Greatest Snaps


 -  Galaxies Across Space and Time


 -  Génesis - La Aparición de La Vida en La Tierra


 -  Giant Stars


 -  How Large is The Universe? - Cosmic Journeys


 -  Hubble - 15 Years of Discovery


 -  Hyperdimensional Hexagon - Richard Hoagland on Coast To Coast Show


 -  Hyperdimensional Plasma Ship


 -  Jaw-Dropping Talk on Our Bizarre Universe - Richard Dawkins


 -  Journey to The Edge of The Universe


 -  Jupiter's Electromagnetic Voices - 528 Hz and Alpha Brainwaves


 -  Known Universe - The Biggest and Smallest


 -  Known Universe - The Fastest


 -  Macro-Micro Cosmos - El Universo Humano


 -  MicroCosmos


 -  Mission to Mars


 -  Mysterious Objects at The Edge of The Electromagnetic Spectrum


 -  New Model of the Universe:


Mars - 1

Mars - 2

Mars - 3



The Moon


 -  Planet From Another Galaxy Discovered


 -  Reclaiming Dominion - Santos Bonacci


 -  Sedna Presentation 1


 -  Sedna Presentation 2


 -  Seeing Stars - Extreme Astronomy


 -  Solar System Shift


 -  Sonidos del Universo


 -  Space-Time and Cosmology - Nassim Haramein - Coast to Coast AM - February 3, 2010

 -  Spiral Galaxy - The Milky Way Unraveled


 -  Symbols of An Alien Sky


 -  The Elegant Universe - The Theory of Everything - Einstein's Dream


 -  The Fabric of The Cosmos


 -  The Known Universe


 -  The Largest Galaxy in The Universe - IC 1101


 -  The Planets


 -  The Search for Earthlike Planets


 -  The Story of Everything - Into The Universe With Stephen Hawking


 -  The Universe through The Hubble Ultra Deep Field in 3D


 -  Through The Wormhole - The Matrix


 -  The Sun as Art


 -  Venus - Death of A Planet


 -  Voyage to Pandora - First Interstellar Space Flight


 -  Voyage to The Edge of Space - Your View of the World is About to Change


 -  Weirdest Planets


 -  WISE Telescope Confirms Nibiru a Rogue Planet Outside of Neptune


 -  Wonders of The Universe



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