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 -  Detectan Bajo el Hielo Antártico Neutrinos de Alta Energía Procedentes del Espacio


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 -  Foundations for Globally Managing Extraterrestrial Affairs - The Legacy of The Nazi Germany-Extraterrestrial Connection

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 -  Mundo Perdido Congelado Hace 14 Millones de Años… Encontrado en La Antártica


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Antarctica Maps


 -  Antarctica - Detailed Map


 -  Antarctica Map 1


 -  Antarctica Map 2



 -  Continent of Antarctica



 -  Egyptian Map of Antarctica



 -  Neu-Schwabenland Map



Lake Vostok


 -  A Large Deep Freshwater Lake Beneath The Ice of Central East Antarctica


 -  Científicos Rusos Descubren Una Nueva Bacteria en El Lago Subglacial Vostok


 -  Lake Vostok - A Curiosity or a Focus for Interdisciplinary Study?


 -  Microorganisms in The Accreted Ice of Lake Vostok


 -  Team Finally Drills into Biggest Antarctic Subglacial Lake - Russians Celebrate Vostok Victory


 -  The Very Strange Case of The NSA and Lake Vostok in Antarctica


 -  Vostok’s Microbes Elusive in First Measurements of Surface Water - Antarctica


 -  Vostok - The Lake of Shadows


 -  El Lago Vostok - El Último Misterio de La Humanidad


 -  The Lost World of Lake Vostok



South Pole Unusual Investigation Hardware


 -  CBC-NEWS McGill - South Pole Telescope Connection


 -  First Planet X-Nibiru Images Leaked by An Anonymous South Pole Telescope (SPT) Informant


 -  Giant 'IceCube' Could Take Snaps of Earth’s Core


 -  IceCube Neutrino Observatory - AMANDA Project


 -  Project IceCube in Antarctica - Strange Cosmic Ray Hotspots Stalk Southern Skies


 -  Proyecto 'Cubo de Hielo' en Antártida - Extraños Puntos de Rayos Cósmicos Acechan Los Cielos del Sur

 -  The South Pole Telescope - A White Paper for the Dark Energy Task Force


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 -  Base "New Berlin" - Ein Erlebnisbericht über Eine Alienbasis


 -  Germany's Antarctic Claim - Secret Nazi Polar Expeditions - LARGE FILE - by Christof Friedrich

 -  The True Origin of The Flying Saucers - Greatest Geographical Discovery in History Made by Adm. R.E. Byrd - by R. Bernard




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