Reflection and Transmission


Two Basic Types of Holograms
by Bill Hamilton


There is one species of moving hologram called spectral imagery. It works inside a kiosk, a small stage is set and populated with ghost-like talking moving holographic figures.

The image: Appears 3-dimensional in full color, Stands 6" to 14" tall, Speaks to the audience while walking around a small stage.

The presentation stage is about 7 feet wide and 3 feet deep. (It can be larger or smaller, depending on your needs.) On it are placed the props or products that the spokesperson uses to tell your story.

The two basic types of holograms -- reflection and transmission -- can be distinguished by the way they are illuminated.

Reflection holograms are lit from the front, reflecting the light to you as you view it.

Transmission holograms are lit from the rear and bend light as it passes through the hologram to your eyes.

Holograms are usually recorded on film and light is needed to activate them.

I could not find any references to large moving holograms projected outside of enclosures. Even Star Trek uses a holodeck. Again, the viewed hologram is just a ghost-like image of the object and contains no substance.

Bill Hamilton
Executive Director
Skywatch International, Inc.

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