-  A Manual For A New Existence


 -  A Project for The Very Near Future - Sanctuary Retreat and Survival Center


 -  Banana Peels Remove Toxins


 -  City Living Intensifies Brain Stress Response and Increases Mental Illness Risk

 -  Designing The Future



 -  Diseñando El Futuro



 -  Earthships Provide Path to Future Self-Sustaining Homes


 -  Education After The Collapse


 -  Education After The Collapse - A Journey Back - Free eBook



 -  El Futuro y Más Allá


 -  Fifty Ways to Starve The Beast


 -  Forget Gold - Only Food, Tools and Resourcefulness Will Matter in A Mad Max Scenario

 -  From Extortion to Generosity, Evolution in the Iterated Prisoner’s Dilemma


 -  Futuretalk - A Project Camelot Conversation With Michael St Clair


 -  Handbook for Building Homes of Earth


 -  How to Build With Cob



 -  How to Eat Animals and Respect Them, Too


 -  Las Cáscaras de Banana Remueven Toxinas


 -  La Vida en La Ciudad Intensifica Respuesta de Estrés Cerebral e Incrementa Riesgo de Enfermedades Mentales


 -  Manual de Transición - De la Dependencia del Petróleo a La Resiliencia Local


 -  Mirando Hacia Adelante



 -  Open-Sourced Technology Blueprints for Any New Civilization


 -  Proof that Cooperative, Forgiving and Generous Populations Succeed in The Long-Term while Selfish Ones Fail


 -  Sanctuary Retreat and Survival Center



 -  Sobreviviendo La Sobrevivencia - Tratando con Los Efectos Posteriores de Desastres Naturales

 -  Survival and Austere Medicine



 -  Survivalist Time Management



 -  Surviving The Survival - Coping With The Aftereffects of Natural Disaster


 -  Teleportation - Main File


 -  The Construction of Crossbows and Other Weapons


 -  The Future and Beyond


 -  What is A Tribe and Why Would you Want One?


 -  You Can Survive The Coming Economic Nightmare - One Family in California Grows 6,000 Pounds of Produce on Just...

  Additional Information  


 -  14 Signs That The Collapse of Our Modern World Has Already Begun



 -  3D Printing Guns and Bitcoin, Show Power of Technology to Create Change


 -  A Healthier Medical and Environmental Industry - Main File


 -  America’s Eco-Cities - Sustainable Prisons of The Future


 -  Ataque Electromagnético y Tormentas Solares - Una Guía


 -  Best Countries to Escape America's Decline


 -  Build Your Own Complete Non-Invasive Anti-Viral System - Towards Healthcare Emancipation


 -  Caging Humanity... And How to Escape


 -  Collapsing Cities - The First Wave of World’s Collapsing Cities



 -  City 2.0 Already Obsolete - City 3.0 Already Up and Running


 -  Don't Like The Government? Make Your Own, on International Waters


 -  Electrical Device Plugs Directly Into Trees for Power



 -  El Próximo Pánico Sobre El Planeta X - Extracto del "Pronóstico del Planeta X y Guía de Supervivencia 2012"


 -  EMP Attack and Solar Storms - A Guide


 -  Everything Petroleum Does, Hemp Does Better


 -  Fighting Radiation Damage The Natural Way



 -  Free Energy - Main File



 -  Getting Prepared for An Electromagnetic Pulse Attack or Severe Solar Storm


 -  Globe Over Nation - World's Future


 -  HackerSpaces - The Beginning!


 -  How to Naturally Deter Insects With Herbs Instead of Chemicals


 -  How to Return to A Simple Time and Place



 -  Indian Man Single-Handedly Plants a 1,360 Acre Forest



 -  Inspiration for Starting a Hackerspace



 -  Jungle Fungus Eats Plastic and Beats Cancer


 -  La Propiedad Privada y Las Mafias de La Privatización ante El Cambio de Ciclo y El Nuevo Paradigma Humano


 -  La Proprietà Privata e Le Mafie della Privatizzazione di fronte al Cambiamento del Ciclo e il Nuovo Paradigma Umano


 -  Las Ciudades Internas del Futuro



 -  Los Mejores Países Para Escapar de La Decadencia Estadounidense



 -  Low Salt Diet Does Not Reduce Heart Disease - Study Finds



 -  Mediterranean Diet and Reduced Calorie Intake Promote Brain Health and Longevity


 -  Meet The Innovative Hearthmaster Stove



 -  Muchas Razones Para Considerar Una Vida Independiente Fuera-de-la-Red


 -  Only Globalization Will 'Save' The Future - National Intelligence Council Report


 -  Policies for A Positive Future


 -  Políticas para Un Futuro Positivo


 -  Protecting Yourself From Electro-Magnetic Pulse


 - ¿'Quien' o 'Que Cosa' Está Matando a Las Abejas? - Main File


 -  Self-Sufficiency - A Universal Solution to The Globalist Problem - The Globalists' Worst Nightmare


 -  Sí Es Posible Otro Mundo - Con Formas Diferentes de Gobernar y Ser Gobernados - CRÓNICA Desde Venezuela


 -  Sunlight Plus Lime Juice Makes Drinking Water Safer


 -  Survival and The Survival Knife - Everything You Need to Know and More



 -  The 5 Most Blatantly Corrupt Industries in The World - And What You Can Do About It


 -  The 5 Most Surprisingly Corrupt Industries in The World - And What You Can Do About It

 -  The Case for Young People and Nature - A Path to a Healthy, Natural, Prosperous Future


 -  The Coming Planet X Panic - Excerpt From 'Planet X Forecast and 2012 Survival Guide'


 -  The First Earth Battalion - Dare to Think the Unthinkable, Ideas and Ideals for Soldiers Everywhere


 -  The Many Reasons to Consider Off-The-Grid Independent Living


 -  The Really Creepy People Behind the Libertarian-Inspired Billionaire Sea Castles


 -  The Zeitgeist Movement - Observations And Responses



 -  Thought Vibrations - Practical Spirituality


 -  Time to Change The Road You Are On


 -  Tipping The Balance of Power - How to Really Change The World - And It's Easier Than You Think


 -  Todo lo Que Hace El Petróleo, El Cáñamo Lo Hace Mejor


 -  Towards Healthcare Emancipation


 -  U.S. Army Survival Field Manual



 -  Vibraciónes del Pensamiento - Espiritualidad Práctica



 -  Vibrazioni del Pensiero - Spiritualità Pratica


 -  We Want to Live in A World That Is...



 -  When We Grow Up, We Will Fall in Love with Earth


 -  'Who' or 'What' is Killing The Bees? - Main File



 -  Why You Should Consider Ham Radio for Communications - Resistance 101

  Air - Aire  

 -  Aire Fresco - Como Fabricarlo con Plantas


 -  CO² Myth Busted - Why We Need More Carbon Dioxide to Grow Food and Forests


 -  CO² - One of Life’s Most Essential Nutrients


 -  Detox Your Dwelling and Purify Your Indoor Air With Plants


 -  Efficiency of Volatile Formaldehyde Removal by Indoor Plants - Contribution of Aerial Plant Parts versus the Root Zone


 -  Growing Fresh Air With Common House Plants


 -  If Carbon Dioxide is So Bad for The Planet, Why do Greenhouse Growers buy CO² Generators to Double Plant Growth?

 -  Interior Landscape Plants for Indoor Air Pollution Abatement - NASA Final Report

 -  Paharpur Business Centre and Software Technology Incubator Park


 -  Some 15 House Plants You Can Use As Air Purifiers


 -  Want Cleaner and Purer Air? - Try Air-Cleaning Plants, NASA Says

 -  How to Grow Fresh Air  

  Earth - Tierra  

 - ¿Agricultura Industrial para Alimentar al Mundo?


 -  Are Edible Organic Gardens the Key to Food Sustainability? - Victory Gardens to Save Us from GMO


 -  Bhutan to Be First Country to Go 100% Organic


 -  Climate and Agricultural News



 -  Comienze Una Granja en La Ciudad


 -  Cuatro Súper Alimentos Ancestrales y Sus Beneficios


 -  El Ganadero Desobediente - Agua de Mar y MMS


 -  Food and Permaculture


 -  Food Security and Biodiversity - Can We Have Both? - An Agroecological Analysis


 -  Food Waste - The Next Food Revolution


 -  Four Ancient Superfoods and Their Timeless Benefits


 -  Four Best Methods for Off-the-Grid Food Production


 -  Four Ways to Creatively Grow Your Own Fruits and Vegetables Using Principles of Permaculture


 -  Garden as If Your Life Depended on It, Because It Does


 -  Geodesic Aquaponics Greenhouse Network - Providing the Basic Necessities of Life


 -  Global Food Waste - Half of the World's Food Is Thrown Away

 -  Grow Your Own Spirulina



 -  How to Start Practicing Permaculture Right Now



 -  Hugelkultur - Natural Permaculture Gardening


 -  Is Urban Beekeeping Better Than Rural?


 -  Organic Gardening for Beginners


 -  Organic Farming CAN Feed The World - Don't Believe 'The Incapability of Producing Enough Food for Everyone' Lie


 -  Organic Rice Farmer in India Yields Over 22 Tons of Crop on Only Two Acres - Proving The Fraud of GMOs and Big Ag


 -  Permacultura - Proceso de Diseño Holístico Para Crear Hábitats Humanos Sostenibles - Pueblos en Transición


 -  Plants 'Talk' to Each Other Using Nanoscale Sound Waves to Help Them Grow - Study Suggests


 -  Quattro Super Alimenti Ancestrali ed I Loro Benefici



 - "SAMPA" - Alimento No Perecedero en Caso de Crisis Alimentaria



 -  Seven Things to Know About The Freeze-Dried Food Craze - Not Just For Survivalists?


 -  Six Steps to Create Your Own Organic Permaculture Garden


 -  Small Farms May Be Better for Food Security and Biodiversity



 -  Space Farming - The Final Frontier


 -  Start a Farm in The City


 -  The Health of Trees and The Natural World is Closely Linked to Our Own State of Health


 -  The Post-GMO Economy - One Mainstream Farmer is Returning to Conventional Seed - and He's Not Alone

 -  The Relationship Between Trees and Human Health


 -  The Russians Prove Small Scale Organic CAN Feed The World


 -  The Surprising Healing Qualities... of Dirt


 -  Town in England Transforms Landscape into Giant Food-Producing Edible Garden


 -  Vivienda Ecologica, Vivienda Libre


 -  Watercress - A Garnishing Green That Provides Bountiful Health Benefits


 -  We Don't Need Genetically Engineered Food, Just Biodiverse Farms - Don't Buy The False Promise of Industrial...


 -  Why You Should Plant More Trees - Research Shows Trees Grow Happier People


 -  Your Guide to Eating Alkaline - What Are The Top Alkaline-Forming Foods?

  Fungi - Hongos:  

 -  Are Fungi The Earth's Natural Internet?


 -  Edible Mushrooms - Nature's Most Researched Anti-Cancer Agent


 -  El Reino de Los Hongos - Los Hongos No Son ni Plantas ni Animales



 -  Mycelium Running - How Mushrooms Can Help Save the World - Book Review


 -  The Kingdom of Fungi - Mushrooms Are Neither Plants Nor Animals


  Water - Agua  


 -  Advance Water Storage - The Facts



 -  Agua de Mar - Un Plasma Marino al Alcance de Todos



 -  Bolivia to Expel Coca-Cola in Wake of 2012 Mayan 'Apocalypse' - 'End of Capitalism'


 -  Can Ocean Farms Actually Be More Sustainable Than Even The Most Environmentally Sensitive Traditional Farms?


 -  Los Minerales en El Agua de Mar y La Próxima Revolución Agrícola



 -  'Miracle Tree' Substance Produces Clean Drinking Water Inexpensively and Sustainably

 -  Seasteading - A Practical Guide to Homesteading The High Seas


 -  Seawater Minerals and The Coming Agricultural Revolution


 -  The Imploder - Water Energizer



 -  40 Items to Barter in A Post-Collapse World


 -  Alternative Economics


 -  Debt = Serfdom


 -  More Americans Opting Out of Banking System


 -  Why is George Soros Selling Gold and Buying Farmland?


 -  WikiLeaks Bypasses Financial Blockade With Bitcoin


  Possible Future Earth' Maps  


 -  Los Cambios Terrestres del 2012 Hasta el 2016 Están Acercándose Rápidamente


 -  Possible Maps of The Future


 -  Posibles Mapas Continentales Posteriores a La 'Transición'


 -  Possible 'Post-Transition' Continental Maps


 -  The Earth Changes of 2012 Through 2016 Are Fast Approaching




 -  Manifiesto para Una Vida Libre de Dinero - por Mark Boyle



 -  A Farm for The Future


 -  Agua Dulce - La Tierra Vista Desde El Cielo


 -  Beyond 2012 - Evolving Perspectives on The Next Age


 -  Dirt! The Movie


 -  Future by Design - The Venus Project


 -  Garbage Warrior


 -  How to Neutralize Radiation and Chemtrails from The Sky, Your Garden, and Your Body - Ken Rohla

 -  In Grave Danger of Falling Food - Bill Mollison and Permaculture


 -  Los Nuevos Experimentos en Autoaprendizaje - Sugata Mitra


 -  Paradise or Oblivion


 -  Peligro de Escasez de Comida - Bill Mollison y La Permacultura


 -  Peligro Urbano - Salgan de Las Ciudades

 -  Permaculture Principles at Work


 -  Six Ways Mushrooms Can Save The World - Paul Stamets


 -  Strategic Relocation - The Film


 -  The Child-Driven Education - Sugata Mitra


 -  The Future of Food and Seed - Vandana Shiva


 -  The Imploder Videos - The Imploder - Water Energizer


 -  Urban Danger - Leave The Cities


 -  Voyage to The Edge of Space - Your View of the World is About to Change


 -  What Plants Talk About - Documentary


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 -  Cannabinoids - The Secret Cure to Help Heal Many Chronic Diseases - Main File


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