-  Aether, Electromagnetism And Free Energy


 -  Aether - Is Pure Conscious Oneness


 -  Aether Vibrations - A Wave-Based Universe


 -  Apparent Correction to the Speed of Light in a Gravitational Potential


 -  As Supersymmetry Fails Tests, Physicists Seek New Ideas - Large Hadron Collider


 -  Bewusstsein und die Neue Physik



 -  Comienza en Chile La Búsqueda de La Energía Oscura



 -  Connective Physics - Main File



 -  Conscious Acts of Creation - The Emergence of A New Physics


 -  Consciousness and The New Physics


 -  Dark Energy Survey Launches


 -  Dark Matter and Dark Energy - What Are They?


 -  Demonstration of Communication Using Neutrinos


 -  Detectan Bajo el Hielo Antártico Neutrinos de Alta Energía Procedentes del Espacio


 -  Dimensions and Hyperdimensions - Main File


 -  Discovery of The Biofield - A Different Type of Magnetism?


 -  Einsteinian Error - The 25-Year-Old Supernova that Could Change the Speed of Light Forever


 -  Electrogravitics - A Simplified Description


 -  El Gran Colisionador de Hadrones - Main File


 -  El Tiempo - Main File


 -  Energía del Vacío - Prueba de Energía Libre en el Espacio Alrededor Nuestro


 -  Escape from The Universe


 -  Evidence for High-Energy Extraterrestrial Neutrinos at the IceCube Detector


 -  Exotic Atoms Hold Clues to Unsolved Physics Puzzle at The Dawn of The Universe


 -  Fisica Hiperdimensional - ¿Porque Se Nos Oculta Este Conocimiento?



 -  Física Quántica - Reconciliando Ciencia y Espiritualidad



-   Fractals - Main File



 -  Higgs Data Could Spell Trouble for Leading Big Bang Theory



 -  Hyperdimensional Physics - Hubble's New "Runaway Planet": A Unique Opportunity for Testing the...


 -  Hyperdimensional Physics - by Dan Sewell Ward



 -  La Física del 2012



 -  La Fisica Hiperdimensional



 -  La Resonancia Schumann - Main File


 -  Measurement of The Neutrino Velocity With The OPERA Detector in The CNGS Beam


 -  Multiverse - Main File


 -  Psychoenergetics - Main File


 -  Quantum - Main File


 - ¿Qué Es Real?


 -  Realm Dynamics



 -  Researchers Send "Wireless" Message Using Elusive Particles



 -  Scientists 'Bind Photons Together' to Create New State of Matter Comparable to Lightsabers


 -  Scientists Create Never-Before-Seen Form of Matter


 -  Teleportation - Main File


 -  The Breakthroughs of Dr. N.A. Kozyrev


 -  The Physics of 2012


 -  The Physics of Extraterrestrial Civilizations - How Advanced Could They Possibly Be?


 -  The Physics of Interstellar Travel - To One Day, Reach the Stars


 -  The Physics of Resonance


 -  The Physics of Time Travel - Is it Real, or is it Fable?



 -  The Schumann Resonances - Main File



 -  The Sequential Perspective - Sacred Geometry Model of Quantum Physics


 -  The Wisdom of Your Cells


 -  Time - Main File


 -  Vacuum Energy - Proof of Free Energy in the Space All Around Us



 -  Von Braun’s 50-Year-Old Secret - The US Explorer I Discovery That Could Have Saved the World...


 -  What Is Real?



 -  What's The Total Energy in The Universe?


 -  Why Comparable? A Multiverse Explanation of the Dark Matter - Baryon Coincidence


 -  Why Speak of An Aether?



 -  Why the Higgs Boson May Seal Fate of the Universe



 -  Wireless Neutrino Network Could Pass Through the Center of The Earth



Additional Information



 -  Albert Einstein - El Plagiario del Siglo



 -  Albert Einstein - Plagiarist of the Century



 -  All Life on Earth is United


 -  ALTA Process - Asymmetric Language Trend Analysis


 -  Attractive Photons in A Quantum Nonlinear Medium


 -  Bob Lazar, Element 115, Massive Stars and Heavy Metals


 -  Dan Winter y La Ciencia de La Implosion - Main File


 -  Density-Dimension Scale


 -  El Cinturon de Fotones - The Photon Belt - Main File


 -  El Poder de La Palabra


 -  Energy and Health - La Energia y La Salud - Main File



 -  Escala de Densidades/Dimensiones


 -  Evidence for High-Energy Extraterrestrial Neutrinos at the IceCube Detector - M.G. Aartsen et al.


 -  Exoconciencia - Los Orígenes Extraterrestres de La Conciencia Humana



 -  Exoconsciousness - Extraterrestrial Origins of Human Consciousness



 -  For One Tiny Instant, Physicists May Have Broken a Law of Nature


 -  Hypercommunication - Main File


 -  Induction of Biogenic Magnetization - Redox Control by a Component of the Target of Rapamycin Complex 1


 -  La Biología de La Creencia


 -  Life in An Idiomaterial Bicausal Universe - A New Advanced Physics and Life On Earth on The 21st Century


 -  Los Experimentos Científicos Que Hay Que Seguir en El Siglo XXI



 -  Magnetic Poles Changes - Main File



 -  Magnetic Yeast May Harness Nature's Magnetic Capabilities


 -  New Findings Tell of Magnetic Fields Effect on Humans


 -  New Philadelphia Experiment - Revelations


 -  Nuevo Experimento Filadelfia - Revelaciones


 -  Our New Civilization Will Be Based on Torsion Field Technologies



 -  Planetophysical Function of Vacuum Domains



 -  Project LUCAS - Borderland Sciences SETI Project


 -  Proton Is Smaller Than Thought - New Measurement Finds


 -  Quantum Non-Locality Based on Finite-Speed Causal Influences Leads to Superluminal Signaling

 -  Quinton-Perception Physics - A Theory of Existence, Perception, and Physical Phenomena

 -  Science of Oneness


 -  Scientists Create and Add Elements 113 and 115 to Periodic Table 


 -  Spherical Energy Structures in The Cosmos 


 -  Supersymmetry - Reflections and Impressionistic Portrait - Conference F.B.S.M., Oct. 2012


 -  Teilhard de Chardin and Transhumanism


 -  The 33 Arks of Soul Resonance - Investment Futures


 -  The Complete WebBot ALTA 1309 Report 2009 - INCLUDING PART 6


 -  The Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction


 -  The Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction - Why and How the World Economic Order Will Collapse in 2011


 -  The Discovery of Element 115 Paves The Way to Understanding Gravitic Control


 -  The Energetic Transformation of The Solar System


 -  The Esoteric Physic - Science and Magic in the New Millennium


 -  The General Theory of Biological Regulation - The Universal Law in Bioscience and Medicine


 -  The Hutchison Effect


 -  The Origin of The Elements


 -  The Philosopher's Stone - An Example of Low Demiurgic Technology


 -  The Photon Belt - Main File


 -  The Universal Heartbeat


 -  The Universal Law - The General Theory of Physics and Cosmology


 -  Una Nueva Física Avanzada y la Vida en la Tierra en El Siglo XXI


 -  Un Futuro Hecho de Lenguaje en el Que Podremos Programar Universos


 -  What is Prima Matra?


 -  What the Bleep Do We Know!?



 -  Zero Point Energy - Main File






 -  Light and Matter United - Opens The Way to New Computers and Communication Systems


 -  Photonics - Nature in Reverse


 -  Photonics - The Ultimate Light Bender


 -  Physicist Dismisses 'Discovery' of Particles That Can Travel Faster Than The Speed of Light


 -  Quantum Researchers Able to Stop and Restart Light



 -  Researchers Now Able to Stop, Restart Light


 -  Speed-of-Light Results Under Scrutiny at CERN



Matter - Anti-Matter



 -  Antimatter Atoms Experiments Planned



 -  Antimatter Could Carry Us to the Edges of the Solar System



 -  Antimatter Makers Chase Ultimate Energy Source



 -  CERN Physicists Trap Antimatter for 1,000 Seconds - Unlimited Future Energy?


 -  Making Antimatter - Complicated, Expensive


 -  The Heart of the Antimatter


 -  Antimatter Weapons




 -  Antimatter Spacecraft Propulsion - The Future Is Now



Matter - Dual Nature



 -  A Trip Through Space and Time... and Beyond


 -  Científicos Encuentran un Universo Anterior al Nuestro


 -  Cuando Mueres… ¿Despiertas por La Mañana?


 -  David Bohm and The Holographic Paradigm - Main File


 -  David Bohm y El Paradigma Holografico - Main File


 -  Does Death Exist? - New Theory Says 'No'


 -¿Existe La Muerte? - Nueva Teoría Dice Que 'No'



 -  Expandiendo Nuestra Conciencia para Ver Una Realidad Multidimensional



 -  Expanding Our Awareness to See a Multi-Dimensional Reality


 -  Experimental Realization of Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen-Bohm Gedanken Experiment - A New Violation of Bell's Inequalities

 -  Experimental Realization of Wheeler's Delayed-Choice Gedanken Experiment

 -  Entangled Mechanical Oscillators



 -  Have We Found the Universe that Existed Before the Big Bang?


 -  La Materia No Existe


 -  La Mente de Las Células - o La Mutación de Nuestra Especie - por SATPREM


 -  La Teoría del Universo Biocéntrico - La Vida Crea el Tiempo, el Espacio y el Propio Cosmos


 -  La Teoría del Uno



 -  Living in A Hologram - Our Holographic Reality



 -  Matter Does Not Exist



 -  Missing Matter Caught in Tangled Cosmic Webs


 -  Multidimensionalidad - Main File


 -  Multidimensionality - Main File



 -  Quantum Entanglement Shows That Reality Can't Be Local


 -  Quantum Interference of Large Organic Molecules


 -  Reality - Is Matter Real?



 -  Rethinking The Nature of Life



 -  The Biocentric Universe Theory - Life Creates Time, Space, and the Cosmos Itself


 -  The Holographic Universe - Main File


 -  The Theory of One


 -  The Universal In-Formation Field


 -  Un Viaje a Través del Espacio, el Tiempo y Más Allá


 -  Viviendo en Un Holograma - Nuestra Realidad Holográfica


 -  Volviendo a Pensar Sobre La Naturaleza de La Vida



 -  Wave-Particle Duality - External Link



 -  When You Die, Do You Wake Up in The Morning?



Nassim Haramein



 -  Grand Unified Field Theory - Nassim Haramein



 -  'La Teoría Unificada de Campos' de Nassim Haramein



 -  Physicist Nassim Haramein Says ET UFOs Access Our Solar System Through The Sun’s Stargate


 -  Conferencia de Nassim Haramein en Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library - 2003

 -  Crossing The Event Horizon - Nassim Haramein


 -  Nassim Haramein at The Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library - 2003


 -  Nuestra Verdadera Historia - Pirámides y Dioses-Sol - Nassim Haramein


 -  Our True History - Pyramids and Sun-Gods - Nassim Haramein


 -  Space-Time and Cosmology - Nassim Haramein - Coast to Coast AM - February 3, 2010

 - "UFO Sized Earth" on Sun 2011 - Nassim Haramein



Sexual Energy



 - "Amor" Líquido



 -  Aquella Que Unge



 -  ET History And Sexuality



 -  Healing With Sexual Energy - Sex for Health, Relationships and Spirituality


 -  Historia y Sexualidad Extraterrestre


 -  La Sexualidad en El Programa de Vida Planetario


 -  My Big Virginity Mistake



 -  Sanando con Energía Sexual - Sexo por Salud, Relaciones y Espiritualidad



 -  Sexo y Adicción





 -  Against The Tide - A critical Review by Scientists of How Physics and Astronomy Get Done


 -  Cycles - The Mysterious Forces That Trigger Events - by Edward R. Dewey with Og Mandino


 -  La Biología de La Creencia - La Liberación del Poder de La Conciencia, La Materia y Los Milagros - por Dr. Bruce H. Lipton


 -  La Mente de Las Células - o La Mutación de Nuestra Especie - por SATPREM


 -  Las Ocho Fuerzas Invisibles Que Controlan Tu Existencia - por Wilfredo G. Santa

 -  Occult Ether Physics - Tesla's Hidden Space Propulsion System and The Conspiracy to Conceal It - by William Lyne


 -  The Computer Inside You - The Caretakers - by Kurt Johmann


 -  The Dancing Wu Li Masters - by Gary Zukav


 -  The Esoteric Physics - Science and Magic in the New Millennium - by Carlo Dorofatti



 -  The Field - The Quest for The Secret Force of The Universe - by Lynne McTaggart

 -  The Tao of Physics - by Fritjof Capra





 -  Can We Travel Faster Than Light? - Through The Wormhole


 -  Electricity Hiding Behind 'Dark Matter'?


 -  Everything and Nothing - The True Size and Shape of The Universe


 -  High Anxieties - The Mathematics Of Chaos


 -  La Tabla Periódica de Videos


 -  La Teoría de Los Seis Grados - Sincronicidad y La Estructura de Redes


 -  Mundos Internos, Mundos Externos


 -  Parallel Worlds - Parallel Lives


 -  The Hawking Paradox


 -  The Periodic Table of Videos


 -  What Is The Higgs Boson?



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