by Jon Robinson

Spanish version

from GalacticDiplomacy Website

Sent: Friday, January 20, 2006 - 8:58 AM
Subject: Secondary Source

Hey Michael (E. Salla),

It is good to hear from you again. I see that others still want to debunk Alex Collier and the Zenetate Andromedan information. Such is the case when it comes to contactee information. I would suppose I qualify as a secondary source to back up Alex Collier.

I am not sure but I would say back about 15 years or so ago, I ran across Alex as a guest speaker out in California. When I attend these types of events, I always would sit in the front row to look at the speakers in the eyes and note body movement and such to tell get a feel for truth in how relaxed or not relaxed the speakers would seem. Alex was very relaxed and yet very impassioned in what he had to say. I became a weekly member of a group of people that would come to hear him lecture at a book store in Santa Monica as did my wife. During that time we slowly became his friend.

When Alex moved to Colorado, our family came to visit him just after he had arrived there. We all stayed at his apartment and had a great time visiting. It was then, that I proposed to him that we should start a newsletter which we called Letters From Andromeda. It would contain articles by Alex and myself along with articles that we given to him to share by his contacts as well. The newsletter grew fast and went worldwide, thanks to the help of Val Valerian and his work of giving us our first website appearance.

You have asked me to recount my experiences that lead me to believe that Alex is the real thing and telling the truth. So since I am one of his closest friends and have stuck by him you could say I am a trustworthy secondary source that supports him. So I will recount some of the reasons why I feel Alex is the real deal.

Just to give a brief background, ever since I was a very young kid I believed in the existence of beings from other worlds and that belief has never left me. In my younger adult life I would fall under the category of experiencer. I have had face to face contacts as well as marks left on my body. I have even been regressed and was able to see situations that I experienced in my mind and recount what took place. Now jumping to events regarding Alex and our friends the Zenetae Andromedans.

While we were involved with the newsletter, I started noting that I was being followed, usually by black copters. I also was told by my wife that one night while I was taking my usual walk, that a small bright light was checking out my personnel library of books. Both my wife and oldest daughter witnessed this event. When the light noted it was being watched, it found the closet lamp and acted light the light bulb faded out. Of course the lamp was not even on to begin with. I asked Alex if by working with him, would would his contacts check me out and such. He stated yes they would and that the small light sounded to him to be just that.

While we were involved in creating the newsletter I started to note on my walks and at other times that we were being watched. Now around the same time I had a close encounter of a visual kind with a friendly UFO that we will say followed me around the town one night after calling me out so to speak. But this is not about my encounters, so back to stuff relating with Alex. I would be dogged by black copters on my walks following me and one time even pacing me at very low level and flashing a red beam light right at me. I even one night started one down.

If I came home form a business trip, within minutes of arriving at my house, you could here the copter flying over the house and I would run out to see it bank and turn right over my house and then head back in the direction that it had come from. I felt they were just letting me know that they were watching me.

Alex back in Colorado was confronted in daylight by three men in black suits that flashed credential of the CIA. Alex had just picked up the mail when the three men surrounding him in the parking lot. Two on each side behind him and one in front. The one in front pulled out a folder and proceeded to tell Alex things that only he knew about himself and family.


They then warned him to back off on the newsletter of else some of his friends would be dealt with. On the top of the list was me followed by my wife and two others. We backed off on the newsletter for a bit while Alex had his friends decided if they wanted us to continue on their behalf or not. It should be noted that Alex rarely excepted money for speaking engagements and we used all money from the newsletter to keep printing the growing newsletter and we even financed Val's website giving him the opportunity to grow his website which he did. To make a conclusion on those experiences, the Zenetae Andromedans decided to outfit us all with monitor devices for protection.

How do I know the monitor devices are real. Because I got to see it once. This gentlemen who was taking night time pictures of energy balls and other things using a digital camera, was out in our area doing his thing and Alex was to come but could not and asked me to go in his place. While the guy was taking others pictures, I noted a slow moving UFO in the sky that then took off like a bat out of hell so to speak. I related that to everyone in the group.


That night, the usual blue orbs were floating around the others. Just before the guy took my picture, I had asked the protective device to come down close to me to see if the camera could pick it up. And when he took my picture, there was the only different orb that would appear that night. It was orangish in color and the size of a basketball. I knew what it was for sure, my monitor device.


The next day I spoke to Alex about that night. I asked Alex, what the monitors look like in which he described to me what I saw the night before. There was a confirmation, for I had not described it before hand, I just let Alex tell me.

The next time I had experience with that, Alex and I both were together with this same guy. At the end of our meeting with him we went outside my house and his partner took a picture of us all. She then said, look at this and in the picture was two orangish balls floating over Alex and my heads. Were the pictures kept, I do not know.

On time I was sitting at Alex's home and I was feeling a hum in my body and hearing a low hum as well. I mentioned this to Alex and he too said it was happening to him and not to worry. It happens from time to time when to monitoring devices get close to each other.

On a business trip to Dallas during the night I could not sleep. As I lay on the bed my entire body started to vibrate and feel warm. During the entire time this was happening, I was watching pictographs flying in to my mind very fast as if I was being downloaded information. This went on for many minutes and then just stopped. When I brought this up to Alex, he had said that indeed I was being downloaded information for later use by me and this was done by our friends.

During the time after that download, I was the one that answered most of the emails that were sent to us from around the world regarding the information. I would take my time to answer them all. There were times, that it seemed as if I would go in a trance like state and write mini books of information back, some of which Alex had never told me and yet when I shared a bit of what I wrote, Alex noted I had gotten it right. I latter know that it was the downloads working when I read something I wrote to a gentlemen who kept it and upon meeting me he showed it to me. I read what I wrote and could not believe that I wrote what was on the paper.

The first day my family and I moved to Colorado, we went to visit Alex and his family. Alex said he wanted to take me on a drive. During the drive he told me that our friends had recently did medical examines of us all and he was told to tell me that I had a disorder that if not taken care of would eventually kill me. Well, I did know that I was having all types of problems with my health that no one else knew about including my wife and Alex. And for those who might ask, I had long before given permission for them to do things like that to me.

Another time while Alex was visiting us, when it came time for Alex to leave I walked him to the car as I usually do and he turns to me and say's,

Jon... Moraney wanted me to tell you that he has heard all your talks to him during your evening walks.

The interesting thing is, no one knew except me that I would have my talks to Moraney during my night walks. How Moraney could hear me is because the monitors allowed him to get any and all messages I had directed to him.

As I had mentioned before, I am an experiencer. But when I was informed about the monitor device, it seemed like everything in that area abruptly stopped and has not come back since, even to this day. I was told that all of that would stop unless the Andromedan Council gave clearance for contact with me and that protocol was used in asking permission of me before any type of contact was to take place. Now that did not stop a certain craft to dance at nights in the same place all year round in the night sky when I lay in my bed, but it dare not come to close as I took note.

No doubt the biggest proof to me was one day just prior to New Years of 1998, my wife and I visited dropped in to visit Alex unannounced. Upon arriving, Alex told us that he was going to have a contact that night just after 1:AM. We told him to say hello for us which he said he would. Well as it turns out, my wife and I were still up working on setting up our children's new computers.


I walked by the big window at the top of our stairs and nothing was different in the sky over in Alex's direction who only lived about 12 minutes from our place. I just happened to be passing that window again just after one when I could see the craft in the sky above the area of Alex's home. I told my wife to come see and we both went down to the outside front deck and watched it. We offered a hello and it flashed back at us. My wife went back to work on the computers after a few minutes and I still watched. I noted that it was very low in the sky and even watched as a airliner approached and flew directly over head of it as it was in approach towards the airport. I went and got our video and took some shots, that I still might have laying around, but due to being night it is hard to make anything out except the low laying light that it omitted.

The next day, I was talking to Alex on the phone and he asked if I had saw the craft. I of course said yes. He then asked me if I saw the airliner flying overhead, which I again said yes. I then asked him how could that happen and the craft he was on note be seen. He then explained to me that the craft is slick black and that on-board computers can monitor people thoughts.


Whatever they think they are seeing, that is what they will see in the sky. Since my wife and I knew what we were seeing and I have had experience seeing other crafts, we saw what it truly was. Again, I should point out that I let Alex bring up the plane and I had not told him I saw it until he mentioned it himself. This was my way of verification that what I saw and the event took place was real and that he was involved as well.

To my knowledge, I have not directly met Moraney but based on the above events I feel strongly that he is very much real. I am knowledgeable of the information that is shared and to me I have not encountered any information like it. That includes the Billy Meier info which I have studied. There is very little that is the same in the two types of information.

Now at this time I would like to address the predictions or prophetic accuracy. First off the Zenetae Andromedan's are a very scientific race. So they know that the future is not set in stone, but is real since they come from the future. Alex does not refer to information that they have told him to share of future events as anything but probability. Not prophetic and not predictions! By probability they recognize that events can be change before and even as they take place by those are involved. They would explain this in terms of percentages of probability.

Now I also know that at times a tool they would use on dire statements made were also used to try and get us on this planet who kept up with this stuff to basically put it out towards the masses in hopes that those who were going to do something bad and that monitored our information would get cold feet and change their minds about events because they just might get caught if people started saying that it had been foretold before hand. If you think on that it makes sense.

As for a couple of events that Alex and eventually myself were putting out to the general population, these events did not take place on the dates given. And even if they were events that to happen due to Andromedan Council actions, they also have the right to change the event dates or even to just not do them. That is what probability is all about.


The future is not set because of such. Anyone anytime can change their mind.


So consider this... Revelations in the Christian bible does not have to go down at all because the majority of the world can decide that it is not going to happen and take the action to see that it does not and then it will not happen. But when you have religions and governments (two sides of the same coin) working to make it happen (general population brainwashing) then well those that do not want to walk that path are stuck with it cause they are the minority and not the majority of world thought in those moments. It's all about probability folks.

I should also note, that when the big event did not happen, Alex and I thought we would have big egg on our faces, but the reality was not so bad for us. It was to take place after Alex's decision to drop out. And the entire reason for that is because Alex's love of his life left him and took the kids. Alex was no longer focused and so he could not attend to Zenetae Andromedan matters like before. When his family grew, it became harder to do both. And with the occasional government hassle, it was safer for his family that he stop.

When Alex and I get together and talk of our friends, it is always as if they are right there and our dearest and close friends. It has always been that way with Alex from the first time I saw him to this present day.

As for those that say he has no evidence like Billy Meir... well you are wrong.


The reason that it is not brought out is that Alex has not been given permission to do so. It was told to him, to do so at this time would threaten his life and the lives of others involved with him. For this, I have not been shown, but have been told they do exist. I will note that I believe that once I saw a picture that could have been Moraney as it fit the description but I did not bring it up to Alex that I saw it.

My comment on why not has my own twist to it and here it is. You have Billy and no one in our camp denies that Billy is not the real thing as a contact. He did it all regarding evidence, which as we know has been a great toll on his life and family. So if you have Alex come out and does the same thing, the authorities now have a harder time to disprove both their stories and so that turns up the heat and more people would believe than sit on the fence. That would make things not only less safer for Billy but not safe for Alex. If you add another who can also prove with evidence then the whole containment for the authorities is gone. I say, when it is time then more evidence will come forward.

Well I hope that what I shared above his helpful. Yes, Alex is the real deal! Not only did these events help me to come to this conclusion, but I deal with the man on a personnel basis and so I feel qualified to say that nothing has come to my attention that would say otherwise. I have more opportunity that many others in dealing with him and getting to know him. He is a regular guy like the rest of us, its just that he has some rather unique friends as well.


The information by the way, is not made up or from other sources. I am learned enough to see that. It is based on common sense and is right in your face. It is not given as a love and light message as it was not relayed to Alex in such a manner. And as the Zenetae Andromedans have stated and Alex related, to believe is not to take our word, but to do your own research and reach within to find the truth that is for you. I feel, that is why so many wanted to know of the information.

Another point to make in closing. Alex never asked to be celebrity. He was a leader but one that asked that you not follow but rather walk beside him for we are all leaders.

In closing, I just want to say that over time there have been those that have taken pot shots at Alex and I have dealt with them in my own way. Alex does not make it a point to say anything bad about others. But yet, there are others that have come out swinging to try and discredit Alex. Even those from other contactee camps. I have dealt with one many years back after an article was written to discredit Alex to the public.


I found that while there were logical explanations some of which I shared and others I learned more from Alex and could share when it comes up again. But I have this to say about it all. Why if Alex does not declare your contactee a fake which even Alex knows he is not, yet you continue to try to discredit Alex. All that we can see, is that the agenda of making sure your contactee is known as the only contactee remains true. By the way, and this is my own thoughts regarding such... I was there when it was announced that a trick to fool the others was brought to the public by the contactee's contacts name was different than for years it was something else.


When I witnessed that announcement I knew that was a lie and my trust of a race that would stoop to tricks just to try and prove that their contactee was the only real contactee was wrong. How could we trust beings that have to rely on such tactics to make their point. To me, you tell the truth and let the rest of us make up our own minds as if our free will right of choice.

Thank you for asking me to share.

Jon Robinson